Humanity from Enhance Games confirms May release date

by on April 20, 2023

Announced as a surprise demo from Enhance Games, Humanity now has a release date: May 16th, 2023, which is when it’ll be coming to PS4, PS5, Steam (PC), and PlayStation VR2 (as well as PSVR1, and PC-VR).

The game, announced with a strange trailer that maybe didn’t quite do it justice, is a puzzler playable on a normal TV or in VR, whereby you can get a different viewpoint. You play a dog that can make humans move at will by laying icons down to direct them, even being able to inhabit them if you so desire.


In Humanity, you control a glowing Shiba Inu, placing commands on the ground for a giant marching horde of people to follow. Make them turn, jump, float through the air, swim, climb, etc., all to reach the goal (or goals) in each stage. The game gradually introduces these mechanics and more, combining them with each other and new elements to ramp up the challenge the further you go.

Enhance Games (Tetris Effect, Rez) decided to release the above trailer to recreate the “wild—and brilliant—Japanese PlayStation ad campaigns of the PS1 and PS2 era”, which the team is apparently flattered to hear it compared to the classic titles of that era, like Echochrome, Devil Dice, and even the Parappa and Katamari titles. The developer says that “whether you share that nostalgia or not, or were even gaming back then, we hope you’ll enjoy that same spirit in Humanity: stylish and different, but with a deeply satisfying game at the core”.

On top of all this, it’s been confirmed that Humanity will be a day one title for the PlayStation Plus catalogue when it launches on May 16th, for the Extra and Premium subscription tiers. Apparently May 16th is also National Piercing Day, but Enhance says not it can be known for more than that.

HUMANITY is out on PS4, PS5, and PC (Steam) on May 16th.