Wild Hearts Content update coming this Thursday

by on April 3, 2023

EA Originals and Koei Tecmo have revealed details regarding the first April post-launch content update for Wild Hearts, due to go live on April 6. The update will introduce an entirely new Kemono species known as the Murakumo, a fox-type threat that attacks from the air with petal-manipulating attacks,

Strange winds swirl the sakura blossoms, which fail to fall even long after spring has passed. When rumors spread of this eerie sight, parents warn their children to keep their distance. Knowing that should you wander too close, the vulpine fiend appears and spirits you away. For it is no mere wind; it is the Murakumo.

This Kemono’s plethora of petal-manipulating attacks are a real menace. It courses through the air on platforms made of sakura blossoms. Which, in turn, makes counterattacking tricky. When enraged, the vulpine beast unleashes a thunderous tornado that could easily leave you unconscious. Hunters would be wise to employ a Spinning Top Karakuri to fight against the beast.

The official Wild Hearts blog details the update, specifically the Murakumo, as well as information about a new Karakuri, limit breaking weapons and armour, and more. Later in the month, there’s another update planned which will introduce a new “deeply volatile Kemono” called Deathhaze Gloombleak, the new Serial Hunts special quest, and other exciting content.

We reviewed the game when it released in February, and said, “Wild Hearts is a fantastic video game. It has so much flair and personality, and so much of it is designed with fun in mind. Yes, it’s challenging and some of the Kemono will test your skill and patience, but there’s so much to find and grind for, secrets in the wilderness to uncover, dozens and dozens of weapons to get to craft, side quests, repeatable hunts, optional Karakuri to unlock. It’ll take you 40 – 50 hours to see all the hunts, but there’s potentially endless replayability in farming armour sets and weapons. It never feels like just a clone of something else, and with the Karakuri mechanic it offers enough originality to stand proudly alongside what has come before.”

You can watch the Wild Hearts content update video, titled ‘Lethal Blossoms,’ below: