Diablo 4 | How to customise your appearance

by on May 30, 2023

As many who play online games like Warframe or Destiny 2 will attest, fashion is the true endgame, and Diablo 4 will be no different. While Blizzard will no doubt lock a lot of the cooler stuff behind the MTX paywall, there are still tons of different combinations of armour and weapons to mix and match an outfit. And thanks to some clever design, most sets will interchange very nicely with one another. But just how do you change your look? Read on to find out how to customise your appearance in Diablo 4.

While you can make any item you find into a transmog option, there’s a specific way to do it. First, you’ll need to acquire it – which means getting it to drop as loot from either a monster, chest, or quest reward. Unfortunately, this is entirely governed by the dreaded Random Number Generator, and RNG is a fickle mistress. Once you do get a new item though, unlocking it is simple.

You have to take it to a Blacksmith in any of the major towns and have them dismantle it for scrap. Don’t destroy it at an Enchanter or sell it (though if you sell it by mistake you can buy it back until you leave town) – you must dismantle it to unlock the transmog option.

Diablo 4 | How to customise your appearance

Now head on over to wherever your Stash is located in the current town and use the Wardrobe nearby. Here you can alter the appearance of whatever you’re wearing to resemble whatever you have unlocked. This includes every piece of armour you have, and all your equipped weapons. You can also opt to change the colour scheme, although the shaders are fairly limited at this point.

Note that the transmog applies to your slot and not the item itself, and any weapon or armour you equip in its place will adopt the same transmog unless it’s a different type (you can’t disguise a two-handed sword as a polearm, for example.

You can also change tattoos and piercings at the same wardrobe, though you can’t alter any other aspects of your appearance, not even your hair. You can, however, save each look in one of five loadout slots, which you can unlock for a small fee of gold. Also, every transmog you unlock are available to all characters with the exception of class-specific unique items.

So there you go, that’s how you customise your appearance in Diablo 4. Now get out there and slay in style. Check out our full review of Diablo 4 here.

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