Latest LEGO 2K Drive video shows more racing, reveals antagonist

by on May 4, 2023

The sixth series of the “Awesome News Network” for LEGO 2K Drive has given a closer look at the actual racing as we approach the May 19th release date.

It’s another short one, clocking in at 90 seconds, but the video shows a mixture of cinematics and in-game content grabbed from the PC version, and reveals the Sky Trophy, which is what everyone in Bricklandia is apparently racing for. Shadow D is the current holder of the Sky Trophy, and the antagonist for the game itself. It seems there’s jet packs on cars, some form of combat (a vehicle that looks quite Star Wars-y, to be honest), and some peculiar side-quests involving “helping horses find love”.

Check out the trailer, and official blurb on what to expect from the game, below:


LEGO 2K Drive is the ultimate AAA driving adventure game, available worldwide on May 19, 2023. Developed by Visual Concepts, LEGO 2K Drive evolves the iconic LEGO play experience with a vast, open world where players can build any vehicle, drive anywhere and become a LEGO racing legend.

You can check out all six of the episodes of the Awesome News Network via this playlist. In fairness, the game looks pretty nice, though so does Disney Speedstorm, which Chris recently reviewed. However, with Visual Concepts (the developer behind the NBA 2K and WWE 2K titles) at the helm, this could actually be pretty good. Here’s hoping, anyway.

There’s two special editions of the game, the “Awesome” edition, which includes the year 1 drive pass, aquadirt racer pack, and awesome bonus back, while the “Awesome Rivals” edition (the highest tier one) adds all of that plus the awesome rivals bonus pack as well.

LEGO 2K Drive is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Nintendo Switch on May 19th.