New MMORPG Tarisland announced for mobile and PC

by on May 16, 2023

Tarisland is a “massive sandbox MMORPG” that’s just been announced, and it’s coming to PC and mobile later this year. The game will feature multiple biomes, lots of classes, and a “vast” world, says the developer.

The title will be cross progression and cross play, and apparently the PC version will also include a customisable interface. The first beta test is also coming soon, it seems, so perhaps some of the nine different classes (“each of which is fully customizable giving them the flexibility to tailor their character to their own preferences and individual playstyles”) will be playable in that.

You can check out the official announcement trailer below, along with the story behind the game, from the press release:


At the birth of the universe, it is said that there were three primordial gods, Leith, Acheron and Moira. They were mysteriously linked to the beginning and end of the planets, only with different values and points of view – until life was created on a planet called Taris, sparking the Triangular Conflict. Unless the threat posed by Acheron can be stopped, Taris will fall.

It is set against this backdrop that players will embark on their adventure. Wherever they set their sights, they can go into Tarisland’s massive game world. Different biomes, environments and civilizations, each with their own culture, provide a rich playground filled with different races, from the popular to the unknown. A variety of 10 different game modes offer new quests and ways for players to explore all corners of Taris’ diverse and enthralling world.

YangMin, producer of Tarisland, explained that “Tarisland is a project our team has been passionately working on for the past three years. For some of us, it’s a game we’ve been dreaming of creating and sharing with players for almost a decade. We’re going back to the core of what an MMO is, paying attention to the smallest details and refining every inch of the gameplay”.

It seems key to the development team that the game is a fair environment for all to play in, with the team citing attribute-enhancing items only being tradable, with in-game resources exchanged directly between players. The developer says that “grinding is not necessary to advance and Pay-to-win is not part of the game”.