Inkulinati update adds new beasts, lairs, and systems

by on June 5, 2023

Inkulinati is going to get even bigger thanks to a new update that’s adding two new hares, a new type of battle, new faculty system, and even some updates to the core gameplay.

Available in early access on PC and in Xbox Game Preview (via Game Pass, too) as we speak, Inkulinati is one of those games that look cute but can be pretty brutal, difficulty wise. We’ve got a new trailer (featuring the master) that shows off this first major update, below.


So here’s what’s being added, in detail:

  • New Beasts – 2 Hares (the bigger and more vicious cousins of Rabbits), Bees (with deadly stings and tiny hats), and the all-powerful Dragon (the most powerful Beast in all of Inkulinati!)
  • New Lairs – a new type of battle in the Journey mode. The Beast Lairs are an element on the Battlefield from which opposing Beasts emerge every now and then and you only win the fight when you destroy all the Beast Lairs on the Battlefield – and all the opponents.
  • New Faculty System – When start your game, you can now choose your Faculty which determines your specialty as an Inkulinati Master. Nine Faculties represents different strategies and synergies that you will use during the game, designed specifically to your needs. Hate to be pushed around, and off the Battlefield or looking for a strategy to defeat heretics? There’s a Faculty for that.
  • New Gameplay Updates – Many new improvements to increase the overall challenge and replayability, including a new Act that’s unlocked after completing Journey mode for the second time, new leaderboards, a rating system, new Non-Battle Locations (look out for the Alchemist and the Princess!), and new hand actions too!

We played it at the start of this year, where Lyle said: “Inkulinati is an incredibly ambitious take on the tactics genre, with enough content even in its early access form to keep you playing for months. It could certainly do with some better onboarding, but once you’re on board you’ll never want to get off”. And indeed, the content is being ramped up with this new major update.

Inkulinati is out now via PC (early access) and Xbox (game preview).

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