Inkulinati is out now for PC, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation

by on February 22, 2024

Developer Yaza Games and publisher Daedalic Entertainment has announced that Inkulinati is now available for PC and consoles. Previously it had been in early access on PC and preview program on Xbox, so the 1.0 launch version marks the first time it’s availabel on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles as well.

If you needed a reason to consider it, the tagline from the publisher sums it up well, thus: “Nerve thy heart and send a farting donkey to layeth waste to thine enemies in this game of tactical medieval strategy!”.

Check out the launch trailer, below:


Drawing inspiration from medieval manuscripts, Polish developer Yaza Games noticed the doodles that eleventh-century scribes left in the margins of olden texts and created a game where the player masters a magical substance called the Living Ink to bring these creatures to life. Then, having amassed an army, pit their stalwart marginalia fighters to face whimsical battles in single or local multiplayer modes.

At its core, Inkulinati is a turn-based strategy game inspired by medieval art. But while it may seem like a light-hearted and whimsical game on the surface, underneath are strategically complex battles where finding the right strategy will lead you to victory.

Yaza Games says that: “After more than a year in Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview, four major updates, countless enhancements borne from player feedback, and a run-in with an army of crazed monkeys, Inkulinati is finally ready for its full launch. The 1.0 version includes 51 playable beasts, 12 Inkulinati Masters with unique aesthetics, well over 200 battlefields, offline PvP battles, and a memorable – and highly replayable – single-player campaign that’s always different”.

We covered the game back in January 2023, where Lyle said: “Inkulinati is an incredibly ambitious take on the tactics genre, with enough content even in its early access form to keep you playing for months. It could certainly do with some better onboarding, but once you’re on board you’ll never want to get off”.

Inkulinati is out now for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.