Inkulinati tips | 8 helpful tips to get you winning quickly

by on January 28, 2023

There’s no getting around it, Inkulinati is a hard game, and you will need some Inkulinati tips. The side-on 2d tactics gameplay seems fairly simple at first, but within minutes you’ll need to deal with all sorts of hazards and mechanics that you might not be ready for. Honestly, I was overwhelmed at first too, and had to really put the hours in before becoming even slightly competent at inky combat. Now I’m here to pass some of that knowledge onto you, which should hopefully mean that your first few hours in the game are a little less painful than mine were.

Start at The Academy and complete every lesson

Inkulinati beginners tips

Doing the tutorial before starting the main game might sound like common sense, but by calling this tutorial The Academy instead of Tutorial makes it quite easy to miss on the main menu. You’ll also be told after beating the basic training that you’re now ready to jump into the Roguelike runs, and that is incorrect. Get stuck into those advanced tutorials immediately and soak up all that knowledge like a sponge, you’ll really need it.

Inkulinati tips: Start on Easy difficulty

This might be somewhat of a pride issue for some, but easy difficulty is the way to go for your first few runs. Beating the game on easy is no small feat, and it took me around six hours of failed attempts to finally manage it. The main difference between easy and normal is how much less boredom you accumulate from drawing units, and not having to worry about this mechanic while learning the ropes just makes life easier.

Pick the best units for the job

Pick the best units for the job

I’ve written a more in-depth unit guide here, and that’s because this is incredibly important. With the right army by your side there’s nothing that Inkulinati can throw at you that will catch you off guard. No matter what just make sure you snatch up that Donkey Bard and Sir Snail as soon as possible, and you’ll be on the right track.

Inkulinati tips: Make use of pushing

Make use of pushing

The most important mechanic to get to grips with in Inkulinati is pushing units around. If you can clog up the battlefield enough then enemy units can be slid off the side of the map for an instant kill very regularly, and if the battle you’re currently fighting includes an enemy commander then one slide is all you need to win it all. Try to think a few moves ahead of your opponent so their units will be easier to manipulate, because even the weakest unit with 1hp can turn the tide of battle with a cheeky push.

Conversely, you also need to remember that the enemy can and will push you around too. The amount of times I thought I was being really clever arranging the battlefield for a big push, only to have my Tiny Inkulinati launched off the map is frankly embarrassing. It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and focus on the offensive, but try and keep and eye on potential pushes your opponent could notice too.

Pushing is also great just for getting slower units further up the battlefield, and getting the tactical edge on your opponent. There’s nothing that a good push can’t fix in Inkulinati

Inkulinati tips: Always rematch

When you lose a battle you lose a precious quill, but can continue on your journey. Don’t ever run away from a fight though, always start the battle again. The enemy will be made weaker in your rematch, and you’ll get the end of battle rewards needed to make your army stronger. It’s easy to be tempted to dodge a tough encounter and keep on moving, but it’s never worth it in the long run.

Switch out your units to avoid boredom

Now this one might seem particularly obvious, but it bears repeating. Switching out the units with high boredom and letting their cost lower is a crucial element of any successful Inkulinati run. If at all possible try to only use two or three unit types in a single battle, that way you’ll have even more units who’s boredom you don’t have to worry about. Some fights (particularly bosses) will require you to go all out, boredom be damned, but that just means it’s even more important to take on the less strenuous encounters tactically.

Use hand powers, units and perks that compliment each other

Inkulinati beginners tips

It’s all well and good picking powerful units and abilities that deal a ton of damage, but you need to make sure your army has some synergy. Combining explosive units with a power that blows them up at will and a perk that gives you ink when an ally does will unleash hell on your foes. Or you could gather an army of cheap units and grab the perk that lowers their cost to swarm a battlefield. Try to think about how the rewards you pick will work together, and hopefully you’ll find the magic formula for success.

Learn about the different elements on the battlefield

It doesn’t take long for Inkulinati battlefields to be packed full of all sorts of crap, and you’ll need to take advantage of that in any way you can. There are explosive jars that can be used to deal with enemies if used carefully, bells that awaken anyone near them after an attack and all sorts of damage dealing or unit eating traps to watch out for. By turning on the more information button you’ll find out exactly how these mechanics work, so don’t rush in without doing a bit of research first.

And there you have it, with our Inkulinati tips you’ll soon be smashing your foes in record time. You’re welcome!