PUBG gets a tactical gear overhaul, and a dedicated slot

by on June 14, 2023

Krafton has announced that with PUBG update 24.1, it is making tactical gear an essential item, by making it more than just a consumable. The developer says that “he renewed Tactical Gear can foster a sense of achievement among all players by enabling them to contribute to the success of their squad”.

After bringing Tactical Gear to PUBG, the developer says that it’s noticed it being used a lot in the game, but in doing so it would mean players had to sacrifice a primary weapon slot, so this new system fixes that by adding a dedicated Tactical Gears slot that is filled at the start of each match.

PUBG gets a tactical gear overhaul, and a dedicated slot

For solo play, we look forward to seeing players utilizing a strategy centered around their chosen Tactical Gear, which you’d select to complement your primary weapon. Players may opt for a slow-burn approach with the EMT Gear, the Drone and Blue Chip Detector can help with a strategy that involves quick penetration of the center area, and the Tactical Pack could suit those favouring weapons with high ammo consumption. As for the Spotter Scope, it may be ideal for players selecting weapons used for long-distance engagements.

During team play, we anticipate strategic looting that aligns with squad dynamics while avoiding overlapping roles. Each teammate would have a distinct role, contributing effectively to the team’s primary goal.

On top of all that, PUBG update 24.1 also adds a “universal repair kit” and other quality of life improvements, while competitive players can also get their season 23 ranked mode rewards and get going with the next one; season 24.

It seems mad to think we reviewed PUBG back in 2017, as it’s changed so much since then, but even then we said: “The tense atmosphere and randomised nature of each match sets it apart from the usual array of perks, killstreaks, and other predictable, overused features present in most other online shooter. The customisation of your character and the controls caters to almost everyone, helping to create a more personal experience, and remember when everyone was talking about emergent gameplay: about individual, memorable moments that cannot be replicated? PUBG is the ultimate example of this, thanks to its originality in a mash-up of genres that have become otherwise stale. There is a very good reason that other games are ‘paying homage’ to this game: it’s simply brilliant”.

PUBG is available now on PC and consoles.