The Invincible getting two demos, new trailer released

by on June 11, 2023

As part of the PC Gaming Show for 2023, 11 Bit Studios has given fans a fresh look at The Invincible, the upcoming narrative-focused sci-fi adventure in development from Starward Industries, while reiterating that the title is planned to come to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X this year, and also announcing two playable PC demos.

There will be a publisher sale for 11 Bit Studios on Steam from June 8th to the 19th, and also during Steam Next Fest (June 19-26), and as part of this there will be two different demo versions of The Invincible. The first demo has been previously available (around May), but the second one is all new, offering a chance to see a part of the game called “Convoy”.

Not to forget the trailer, then, it is all about the game’s main character Yasna, “her motivations, and her interest in science over conquest. Her natural curiosity will soon lead her to rethink humanity’s ambitions and biases on Regis III”. Check it out, below:


The narrative-focused hard sci-fi adventure touches on humankind’s unbridled ambition and the unshaken belief that what we find, name, and categorize becomes ours in an instant.

Magdalena Kucenty, Narrative Designer at Starward Industries explained that “Yasna isn’t terrified by the cosmos, but rather amazed by the vision of its undiscovered phenomena. Her training as an astrobiologist helps her handle stress and maintain focus when she wakes up on the unknown planet without her crew and with holes in her memories”.

Kucenty added that “In the beginning, her professionalism and natural curiosity push her forward to look for answers and to successfully complete her mission. However, her attitude slowly changes throughout the game, as she is faced with morally difficult decisions and the realization that not everything, everywhere is for us”.

The Invincible is set to release some time in 2023 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X.