LEGO 2K Drive adds creation sharing with “Creators Hub”

by on July 27, 2023

Released back in May, LEGO 2K Drive is already getting major updates, including this new one that lets you share creations with friends.

The update will be free for all and is available right now, although Nintendo Switch players will have to wait as that update is “coming soon”. The new feature lets people share their vehicle designs online, while also downloading other people’s ideas. When you first boot the game up, head to the Creators Hub and you’ll be in the depot, where you can see the hottest, highly-rated designs showcased. You can see most upvoted (and most downloaded) creations.


Here’s a list of the features for the Creators Hub:

  • Filtered Browsing – By switching from the Depot to the Browse tab, you can peruse the ever-growing selection of uploads from other players! You can browse with a variety of filters, including Street, Off-Road, and Water vehicles, vehicles uploaded by your 2K Account Friends, and vehicles you’ve previously Downloaded or Upvoted.
  • Vast Search Features – Along with filters, you can also sort the Creators Hub vehicles by alphabetical order, how recently they were uploaded, total number of upvotes, total number of downloads, or total number of bricks used to construct the vehicle. You can also search by 2K Account Name, a vehicle’s identifying Share Code number, or vehicles made by someone on your Friends list, with the same Filter and Sort By options as the rest of the Creators Hub.
  • Adding Vehicles To Your Collection – When you’ve found something you like in the Creators Hub, simply hit Download and confirm your decision to add it to your Garage! Whenever you visit your Garage, you’ll see any Downloaded vehicles listed underneath the Downloads tab. When you’re ready to get behind the wheel of any vehicles you’ve acquired from the Creators Hub, simply add them to your Loadout and show Bricklandia your newest rides!
  • Sharing Your Vehicles – Any vehicle created solely by you in the Garage is eligible to be uploaded to the Creators Hub. All Creators Hub submissions go through a moderation process before they’re shared with the LEGO 2K Drive community, giving players a selection of player-created vehicles. Each player is allowed to upload a total of 30 vehicles to the Creators Hub with any new uploads you want to make beyond that will need to be swapped in place of old ones.

We enjoyed the game, with Chris White giving it a 7.5/10 score, saying “LEGO 2K Drive is for everyone. While it definitely feels like it’s aimed more at kids, there’s a satisfying gameplay loop for older players as well. The creative side of it will definitely appeal to lifelong LEGO fans, especially when you get to read various manuals to help build pre-existing creations, and the wealth of side content is impressive. The handling is tight, but the more competitive aspects such as power-ups and one-upping the opposition could still do with a little work. It’s a solid starting point if it’s to be a franchise for the future, and even though the humour isn’t as witty as other LEGO games, I still raised a smile every now and again”.

LEGO 2K Drive is out now for PC, PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Nintendo Switch.