Lost Ark July update brings new story content and more

by on July 12, 2023

Amazon Games has today released the Lost Ark July update, which features a ton of exciting features including new story content and more. Along with the new storylines, it brings challenging raids, islands and events, and quality of life improvements that can be read in great detail via the official blog post.

Some of the highlights for the Lost Ark July update are as follows:

  • Elgacia Epilogue – Following the events of the Elgacia quest, players can dive into the Elgacia Epilogue and experience new quests and new rapport NPCs. Players can find their friends and help them discover new futures while they share celebrated memories from their travels.
  • Kakul-Saydon Inferno Legion Raid – Players will test their metal in the new Inferno difficulty Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid. Inferno difficulty rewards players with titles, achievements, Stronghold structures and more to showcase their victory to other heroes of Arkesia.
  • Music Box of Memories – Experience new stories about the inhabitants of Arkesia with the Music Box of Memories.The Music Box of Memories is the vestige of ancient civilization long gone, manifesting as a gadget that can be played with ‘Memory Orbs’, a new collectible. Players can gain hints from various continents and progress quests to collect Memory Orbs and earn rewards.
  • Maharaka Festival – The summertime Maharaka Festival returns with unique games where players can earn valuable progression rewards ahead of the incoming new raids in August. This month’s special activity is the “Run, Mokokos!” section of the Maharaka Festival where players will compete and race to the finish line as a Mokoko, dodging obstacles as they go.

Back in February last year, we reviewed Lost Ark and said, “Lost Ark is a lot of fun, ultimately. Even played alone, it’s entertaining; but with other people it comes alive. Learning the correct rotation for your skill cooldowns takes time, while things like Stone Faceting and Weapon-Honing seem confusing at first but soon make sense. But like any game of its type, you need to approach it for what it is, not what you expect it to be. If you do that, there’s a massive, sprawling world of adventure to be found. But seriously, bring a wallet the size of a small cottage for all the damn currencies.”