AEW: Fight Forever gets free ‘Stadium Stampede’ mode from today

by on August 24, 2023

THQNordic, Yukes, and AEW have today released the highly anticipated Stadium Stampede mode for AEW: Fight Forever. The new mode is free to all players who own the game, and allows 30 wrestlers to compete against one another inside a football stadium. The iconic match has seen many of the AEW roster compete in chaotic, violent, and often hilarious matches, and this weekend at Wembley Stadium, All In will see Blackpool Combat Club and Santana & Ortiz face Eddie Kingston, Orange Cassidy, Best Friends, and Penta El Zero Miedo.

“The concept for the first-ever Stadium Stampede match was created during the lockdown, where a display of professional wrestling bedlam like never before took place in an empty Jacksonville stadium and became a staple of AEW during the pandemic era. Now, this iconic five-on-five match returns on AEW ALL IN, the biggest night in professional wrestling history with the first-ever international Wembley Stadium Stampede in London this Sunday,” said AEW CEO, GM and Head of Creative Tony Khan.

AEW: Fight Forever will also bring the chaos of Stadium Stampede to gamers, incorporating the rapidly-surging popularity of open world multiplayer gaming with the unique gameplay we’ve developed in partnership with THQ and YUKE’s. This is just the first of many innovations we’ll make to AEW: Fight Forever to continue elevating the gaming experience for our fans around the world.”

We reviewed AEW: Fight Forever back in June, and while the Stadium Stampede hadn’t been announced at that point, we said, “While AEW: Fight Forever does feel a little empty and outdated, jumping into a match as Chris Jericho, Orange Cassidy, and Britt Baker is so damn cool. I love this company with all my heart, and while I might have been down on it at certain points, I’m in no way disappointed. I just pray to TK and Yuke’s that there’s more to come from it down the line. Still, the developers have reminded us why they were so good at making wrestling games fun, just like what All Elite Wrestling has done for the sport as a whole.”