Alan Wake 2 gets new gameplay trailer

by on August 24, 2023

Remedy Entertainment and Epic Games have revealed a brand-new gameplay trailer from the upcoming psychological thriller Alan Wake 2. ‘The Dark Place’ trailer showed off an Alan Wake focused mission from early in the game, with new mechanics on display such as Rewrite Reality.

Trapped in a nightmare, Alan Wake has been trying to write his way out. But what happens when something else escapes? Play as the writer, Alan Wake, and the FBI agent, Saga Anderson. Explore two beautiful and terrifying realities in Remedy Entertainment’s first survival horror game, and rewrite Alan Wake’s reality to escape the surreal cityscape of the Dark Place. Here there’s only victims and monsters. And monsters wear many faces.

Back in 2021, Remedy released the original in remastered form, and we said, “Alan Wake Remastered gives new players a chance to experience a classic on modern platforms. Even now, the gameplay is as exciting as it ever was. The story is excellent, told in an interesting way with a great voice cast. The camera angles can be a bit off-putting at times, but rarely affect the overall enjoyment. Those of you who have a fondness for the original won’t be disappointed. Remedy hasn’t changed any of the core components that made fans fall in love with it. Instead, they’ve greatly improved the visuals and and made sure it plays just as well as it did all those years ago.”

Alan Wake 2 will launch on October 27 for PC on the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. You can watch the brand new Alan Wake 2 trailer below: