Epic Games Store Holiday Sale kicks off with Destiny 2: Legacy Collection as a freebie

by on December 14, 2023

The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale for 2023 has kicked off with a bang, offering users Destiny 2: Legacy Collection as a freebie, with 17 free games total coming for everyone, and it’d normally cost £49.99, so that’s a fine start.

Destiny 2: Legacy Collection includes “The Witch Queen, Beyond Light, and Shadowkeep”, with the blurb saying you can “Play through three epic campaigns, unlock 37 Exotic weapons, 15 Exotic pieces of armour, and the power of Stasis, allowing you to lock down and control the battlefield”.

But that’s just the start, as Epic has confirmed the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale for 2023 will feature “thousands of discounted games, free cosmetics, and 17 free games for everyone”. On top of that, if you buy Alan Wake 2 (a game that Epic published this year, and was superb) during the holiday sale, you will get a digital voucher that gives you a copy of Alan Wake Remastered on PC as well. We’ve dropped our video review of that below, in case you missed it somehow.


Alan Wake 2 is one of the biggest games of 2023, and we loved it, saying “Alan Wake 2 is a sensational sequel that was worth waiting over a decade for. The story of Saga and Alan takes some serious twists and turns on its journey through darkness, and features some of the greatest (and most unexpected) moments of this wonderful year of gaming. Remedy has truly made something special in Alan Wake 2, and I simply wasn’t prepared to love it as much as I do”.

Epic Games also added that “Keeping in celebration of the season, we’re also automatically adding a 33% Epic Coupon at checkout towards all eligible purchases. Plus, Epic Rewards are being boosted to 10% from the standard 5% for the duration of the sale, giving players the ability to earn even more back on titles they add to their stocking”, also saying that “Epic Rewards allows you to earn 5% back on all eligible purchases on the Epic Games Store (including in-game purchases made using our payment system)”.

The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale for 2023 runs from December 13th until January 10th, and more info is available on the official blog.