Dark Envoy trailer reveals character classes

by on August 2, 2023

A new trailer for Dark Envoy has been released that shows off the four classes and 12 specializations you can use in the CRPG coming from developer Event Horizon.

The developer says that in Dark Envoy, “players are encouraged to experiment with classes, specs, and skills and find the most efficient tactical builds”. There’s a Ranger, Adept Elementalist, and lots more to play around with. Event Horizon says “There’s also the ability to use hand-drawn skills that give players even more freedom. This approach allows players to adjust combat to their style (real-time or slow-time / pause in the tactical mode). There are also 6 companions with assigned classes and specializations to support you on your quest across the mesmerizing world of Jäan”.

Check out the new trailer, below:


Dark Envoy brings classic RPG mechanics with a skill-based combat system built on classes and specializations, and blends it with diverse tactical options of approaching your battles. Full story to be enjoyed in single player and online co-op mode.

Adept, Warrior, Engineer, or Ranger? Choose your class and customize your party with over a dozen available specializations. Develop skills, discover perks, grow your stats, prepare loadouts, and master synergies.

We got to play Dark Envoy back in February, and Mick liked what he played, saying “Heading into a genre dominated by giants like Pathfinder, Pillars of Eternity, and Baldur’s Gate III, Dark Envoy may struggle to stand out, but it’s on the right track. The classes and world are interesting, while there’s a solid array of skills to get to grips with. There’s not a lot here yet that we haven’t seen before, but so far it’s a likeable, colourful adventure in an intriguing world. I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops as we get nearer to launch”.

Dark Envoy is coming to PC (via Steam) later this year.