Kitbash Model Club will feature a 16-player Multiplayer Mode

by on August 18, 2023

Curve Games and Floating Origin Interactive have today revealed their upcoming title Kitbash Model Club will get a 16-player Multiplayer Mode. Described as the “ultimate model vehicle construction platform,” it’s set to provide total freedom to design, build, explore, and battle other players with model RC vehicles.

Kitbash Model Club is a game I have always dreamed of making, ever since I was a kid,” said Felipe Falanghe, Founder and Lead Developer at Floating Origin Interactive. “RC models are something I have been fascinated by. I used to spend hours building balsa wood airplane models and inventing things. Creating questionably-engineered contraptions is something I’ve always had in me.”

The newly announced online multiplayer mode allows up to 16 players to share Wirraway Island at the same time, which boasts a variety of environments from cityscape to beaches. The scenario editor supports mission creations for multiplayer mode, and players can share and test vehicles or challenge friends to an RC dogfight! Full Steam Workshop functionality is also available for sharing and exploring other models.

Some of the key features coming to the game include:

  • Career Mode: Interact with the denizens of Wirraway Island and test your creations in our unique paintball combat missions, races, and maneuverability challenges.
  • Sandbox Mode: Here, the possibilities are endless – spend your time in the workshop creating new planes, boats, cars, a combination of all three… or something entirely different! Or, spend some time exploring the island of Wirraway with your inventions.
  • Multiplayer: Put your customized combat machine to the test against other players and AI in intense, model-scale paintball battles with our PvP and PvE modes.
  • Scenario Editor: Create your own missions and objectives for you and your friends with Kitbash Model Club’s powerful scenario editor.

You can watch a trailer for the Kitbash Model Club 16-player Multiplayer Mode here: