Latest Remnant 2 patch adds “potato mode” graphics option

by on September 8, 2023

Weighing in at 5.4GB on PC, the latest Remnant 2 patch has added a new graphics option, along with a plethora of bug fixes and more.

The graphics quality preset is actually called “Potato”, and the developer Gunfire Games explains that “The Potato preset allows for low end systems to more aggressively disable expensive rendering features. Helping them achieve higher frame rates and smoother gameplay”.

Elsewhere, the update makes for streamlined backend connection when joining players games, which “should address several issues including general failures to connect after “connecting” screen and joining games while using a character with a lot of gear and items”.


There are lots of bug fixes in this Remnant 2 update, but also some quality of life ones. Here’s a selection of a few we noted:

  • Rigs can now downgrade Weapons, refunding 75% of materials used in upgrades and 50% of the scrap
  • Dwell can now downgrade Mutators, refunding 75% of materials used in upgrades and 50% of the scrap
  • Added consumable duration to advanced stats page on character menu
  • Added option to enable Hold Sprint in in Gameplay settings

The hold sprint is a requested feature, to which the dev explains “players can now enable Toggle AIM instead of Hold AIM. This should be helpful for those that have trouble constantly keeping the AIM button down”.

  • Added support for PlayStation button icons when using a PlayStation controller on PC
  • Fixed an issue where Summoner’s minions were not receiving shared damage from Blood Bond trait
  • Fixed an issue where Summoners were unable to summon minions at checkpoint before Cancer miniboss fight
  • Fixed an issue for Handler where Very Good Boy was not granting experience when killing enemies

You can see the full list of updates on the official page, but it’s a massive list, so grab a drink before you start reading.

Remnant 2 is out now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X.