The House of the Dead: Remake now has a physical edition on PS5

by on September 5, 2023

Forever Entertainment and Microids have announced that The House of the Dead: Remake is available at retail stores in limited edition and standard on PlayStation 5.

The House of the Dead: Remake is a complete remake of the original 90s arcade game, and remains playable in solo or in co-op. There’s a beastiery in the game so you can learn about each enemy’s weaknesses, though it does seem a release like this is very much for fans of the 1997 original title.

The limited edition, or “Limidead Edition” as it’s known includes the following (we’ve also dropped a picture of the contents as well):

The House of the Dead: Remake

A scientist and expert in biochemist and geneticist, Dr. Roy Curien, descends into madness as he seeks a power that can resurrect the dead. After his success, one of the researchers, Sophie Richards, manages to contact her friends from the AMS, Thomas Rogan and Agent G, asking for their help. Their mission is to stop the mad scientist and save all the laboratory personnel by making their way through the mansion, while fending off hordes of undeads. Whether alone or in two-player mode, confront undeads and nightmare creatures in this gory and action-packed shooter!

We reviewed the game back in April 2022, and Sean had this to say in his 7/10 scoring review: “It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, is brief in length, and does have some niggly control issues, but this is a welcome addition to the library of any Switch owner who enjoys on rails lightgun shooters. It looks and sounds great, has a fine selection of nasties to aim at, and is a joy in co-op, as long as you employ the Joy Cons and don’t try to play it in handheld mode”.

The House of the Dead: Remake is available now.