Life of Delta hits PS5 and Xbox Series S|X today

by on October 18, 2023

Daedalic Entertainment has announced that Life of Delta is now available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X.

Developed by Airo Games, Life of Delta is described as a “touching journey in the post-apocalyptic landscapes of Earth”, and now it’s on PlayStation and Xbox, joining the PC and Nintendo Switch releases from earlier this year.

Check out the new trailer for the PS5 and Xbox version, below:


Life of Delta is a hand-painted point-and-click adventure that introduces players to a world where humanity has long since disappeared, and a little service robot named Delta embarks on a quest to find his lost friend. With beautifully hand-drawn landscapes of post-apocalyptic Japan, intricate puzzles, a touching narrative, and several unique side stories, Life of Delta promises a great time for indie enthusiasts and casual players alike!

Here’s a list of key features from the publisher, too:

  • Haunting Vistas: Marvel at the 28 hand-painted levels of post-apocalyptic Japan and hundreds of carefully handcrafted character animations
  • Intricate Puzzles: Solve over 50 engaging puzzles such as building spaceship engines and mixing toxic potions
  • A Post-Apocalyptic World That Feels Alive: Interact with various characters throughout the game, each with a special story to tell
  • Deeply Involved Storytelling: Experience fully animated cutscenes to enhance the narrative experience
  • The Soothing Sounds of Decay: Enjoy a beautiful original soundtrack

Daedalic Entertainment is well known for point and click games, and I have to admit, the art style of this one is seriously nice looking. It’s a very busy time in the gaming world right now, as you can see from our 2023 release date list, but given it’s “spooky month” and everyone is adding that kind of content to their games, it might be a nice distraction, or break from that kind of thing, right?

Life of Delta is out now for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X.