Total War: Pharaoh | Ramesses Faction Guide

by on October 11, 2023

Ramesses is one of the Egyptian Factions in Total War: Pharaoh, from Creative Assembly. Read on to discover everything you need to know to master this Faction in the game.

Total War: Pharaoh | Ramesses Faction Guide

Key Details

Name: Ramesses

Known As: The Paragon: Son of Setnakhte and protector of Egypt in Sinai

Starting Situation: Easy

Court Position: None

Driven by reckless ambition, Ramesses sees himself as the chosen of the gods, destined to rule as Pharaoh. Thus, he is well suited to forging ahead at full speed, achieving swift victories on his path to one day claiming Egypt’s throne.

Local Deity: Ra

Native Units

  • Habiru Militia (Bronze)
  • Habiru Archers (Bronze)
  • Habiru Raiders (Bronze)
  • Shasu Tribesmen (Bronze)
  • Shasu Warriors (Silver)
  • Habiru Skirmishers (Silver)
  • Shasu Archers (Silver)
  • Habiru Mercenaries (Silver)
  • Renowned Habiru Slingers (Silver)
  • Armoured Canaanite Chariots (Silver)

Faction Units

  • Medjay Swordsmen (Silver)
  • Medjay Chargers (Silver)
  • Medjay Archers (Silver)
  • Archer Chariots (Silver)
  • Sherden Spear Bodyguards (Silver)
  • Sherden Bodyguards (Axe) (Silver)
  • Sherden Raiders (Silver)
  • Elite Medjay Archers (Silver)
  • Medjay Spearmen (Gold)
  • Elite Medjay Warriors (Gold)
  • Elite Medjay Warriors (Axe) (Gold)
  • Seneny Chariots (Gold)

Unique Faction Buildings

  • Necropolis of the Honoured Dead
  • Wine Market
  • Medjay Headquarters
  • Military Academy

Strengths and Weaknesses of Ramesses in Total War: Pharaoh

Faction Buildings

  • Major source of Happiness
  • Major source of high-tier Units
  • Unique buildings only in Province Capitals


As Ramesses, all of your Unique Buildings are available only in Province Capitals. Capture all Regions in a single Province, so that you can make the most of your Buildings.

Graveyards increase both Happiness and Influence. They help ease province management.

Wineries increase Happiness, Workforce, and Resource production. They help ease province management and the amassing of wealth.

Military Offices increase the starting Rank for newly recruited Unites and Generals. They help with hiring strong armies quickly.

Faction Units

  • Elite & Powerful
  • Excel at both melee & ranged combat
  • Small Unit size


Your units are great at both offence and defence. Use lines of strong Bowmen to cover Melee Infantry in both cases.

You have the iconic Medjay at your disposal, elite warriors that can weild different weapons in battle. Use them as your main battle line.
You have access to Sherden, remnants of Sea Peoples from bygone invasions, who can cause fear among the enemy’s ranks. Use the to flank and harass enemy Units with low Morale.


  • Armies attack in March Stance
  • Train Medjay Units quickly


You can command your armies to attack in March Stance with no penalty to Stamina.

On Shemsu Hor, your faction will train Medjay for use in any of your armies. Construct Recruitment BUildings to increase the number and quality of the trained Medjay.


  • Two Court Actions per turn
  • Suggested position: First Commander


You have two Court Actions per turn while other factions only have one. That means you effectively accomplish twice as much in the Court.

Gain Regard quickly, use multiple Requests or spin Plots with the highest chance of success.

Having more Court Actions also allows your to react to Plots against you – if you learn about one, you can use Gossip to find out who is plotting, then use Discourage to remove the Plot without paying Gold.

Key Concepts of this Faction


As Ramesses, you start with two Outposts: a Shrine of Ra and a Waystation, both in Nekhel.

The Shrine of Ra improves the Recruitment of Chariots. Pray there to reduce Fatigue in battle of all the respective army’s Units for a few turns.

The Waystation prevents Attrition and increases Influence. Supply your army there to increase its Movement for a few turns.

Worship Ra

You can construct Shrines for all Egyptian gods more easily.

Shrines of Ra improve Chariot Recruitment and increase Workforce for the Province. Place them somewhere you can recruit Chariots.

Ra’s Prayer reduces Fatigue for the army’s Units. The Devoted General’s army has higher Armour and their Chariots have a more powerful Charge.

Native Units

You start in Sinai, which has a shared Native Unit roster with Retjenu. It has two main kinds of Units.

The Shasu, though lower-tier, are well-rounded warriors, cheap to hire and maintain. Use them to protect your stronger Units from being flanked.

The Habiru have many Units that can deploy close to the enemy line. Hide them in Forests or Tall Grass, then use them for a surprise attack.

Terrain & Weather

In Egypt and the surrounding deserts, Sandstorms and Sweltering heat occur often. Egyptian units commonly wear light or medium armour, giving them swiftness on the battlefield – in difficult Terrain, they can manoeuvre better than their enemies.

Many of them are also resistant to heat, allowing them to ignore penalties from Sweltering Weather.


Your selection of Titles allows your Generals to specialise in various types of Units, such as Medjay, Sherden or Chariots.


Your starting Equipment is a Bow and a Light Armour. Keep your Bodyguard Unit away from melee and have them shoot down enemies at range.


You start in Sinai and own 2 Sacred Lands

To gain more Legitimacy, expand West, conquer a Sacred Egyptian Land, and build Monument Outposts.

It is wise not to confront Merneptah; better to wait for old age to catch up with him.

Ancient Legacy

Choose the Ancient Legacy of Thutmose the Conqueror.

Use it to soften up your target of conquest and take it over with ease, so that you strengthen your reputation – and legend – and fulfil your destiny.