Total War: Pharaoh | Tausret Faction Guide

by on October 11, 2023

Tausret is one of the Egyptian Factions in Total War: Pharaoh, from Creative Assembly. Read on to discover everything you need to know to master this Faction in the game.

Total War: Pharaoh | Tausret Faction Guide

Key Details

Name: Tausret

Known As: The Strategist: Wife of Seti and economic genius

Starting Situation: Normal

Court Position: None

Tausret is a brilliant political figure who will focus on claiming the throne if her husband Seti proves incapable of dealing with the responsibilities of the crown. A life spent battling prejudice has made her strong and resilient in all matters, be they diplomacy, finance or war.

Local Deity: Isis

Native Units

  • Upper Egyptian Militia Clubmen (Bronze)
  • Upper Egyptian Militia Slingers (Bronze)
  • Upper Egyptian Conscripted Axemen (Bronze)
  • Upper Egyptian Archers (Bronze)
  • Upper Egyptian Spearmen (Silver)
  • Upper Egyptian Swordsmen (Silver)
  • Upper Egyptian Javelin Throwers (Silver)
  • Upper Egyptian Mace-Axe Warriors (Silver)
  • Upper Egyptian Khopesh Warriors (Silver)
  • Upper Egyptian Renowned Archers (Silver)
  • Upper Egyptian Chariots (Silver)

Faction Units

  • Egyptian Peasants (Bronze)
  • Egyptians Sowrdsmen (Bronze)
  • Javelin Chariots (Bronze)
  • Egyptian Spearmen (Silver)
  • Egyptian Axemen (Silver)
  • Egyptian Archers (Club) (Silver)
  • Egyptian Archers (Two-Handed Axes) (Silver)
  • Archer Chariots (Silver)
  • Elite Javelin Chariots (Silver)
  • Queen’s Guard (Silver)
  • Seneny Light Chariots (Gold)
  • Seneny Chariots (Gold)

Unique Faction Buildings

  • Provisioning Headquarters
  • Tausret’s Armoury
  • Tausret’s Goldsmiths
  • Storage Centre

Strengths and Weaknesses of Tausret in Total War: Pharaoh

Faction Buildings

  • Better Production buildings
  • Bonus for having more of them
  • Production buildings lower Happiness

As Tausret, your Production Buildings provide a unique opportunity: for every three of them in a Province you gain a boost to Resources gain. Unlike other factions, your Production Buildings can be constructed in Minor Settlements as well as Province Capitals.

Grain Pits increase Food Production and reduces the cost of Recruitment. They help you afford many Units.

Gold Appraisers increase Gold production and reduce Gold construction costs. They help you afford high-tier Buildings.

Bronzework Pipelines increase Bronze production and improve Armour for recruited Units. They help you afford high-tier Units and strengthen them.

Materials Stockpiles increase Wood and Stone production. They help you afford more Buildings.

Faction Units

  • Strongest Chariots
  • Good at range
  • Low Damage overall

Your Units are good at holding lines and missile combat. You have the best Chariot for early and late game – use them to harass infantry and charge exposed archers!

You start with Javelin Chariots in your first army. Use them at range to disrupt enemy lines and charge when their javelins run out.

Your Bowmen are more versatile than those of other factions – they can wield different melee weapons. Pick between Clubs and Shields or Two-handed Axes.


  • A Province receives instant per-turn Production
  • Free Instant Construction

You can command a Province to give you its per-turn Resources production immediately. If you wait until Shemsu Hor, your faction will be able to Instantly Construct a given number of Buildings for no cost.


  • Flip Plots against their owners
  • Suggested Position: Royal Treasurer

You will be the target of Plots more often, but you can use your unique Flip Intrigue to turn them agains your enemies.

Flip costs Gold and is cheaper to use on a discovered Plot, so first use Gossip to reveal the plotter.

Key Concepts of this Faction


You start with three Outposts: a Shrine of Isis, a Trading Post and the Colossi of Memnon.

The Shrine of Isis increases Workforce and Happiness. Pray there to have the respective army reduce Happiness in enemy territory for a few turns.

The Trading Post increases Resource production. Trade there to reduce respective army’s Upkeep for a few turns.

The Colossi of Memnon is a Landmark Monument Outpost from Egypt’s history. It grants Legitimacy to the owning faction. Pay Homage there to increase the Morale of all Units in your respective army for a few turns.

Worship Isis

You can construct Shrines for all Egyptian gods more easily

Shrines of Isis increase Happiness and Workforce for their Province. Use them to ease province management.

Isis’s Prayer allows your armies to reduce Happiness in enemy territory. The Devoted General’s army has higher Morale and increases your Influence in the Province where it is.

Native Units

You start in Upper Egypt, and can make use of its Native Unit roster.

Melee Units in Upper Egypt are well-trained, due to their harsher environment and long military history with Nubia. Use them to hold the line and protect your Missile Units.

You can recruit Khopesh Warriors, who are deadly in melee and are especially effective against armour. Use them to overwhelm weak enemy lines and tear through their shields.

Terrain & Weather

In Egypt and the surrounding deserts, Sandstorms and Sweltering heat occur often. Egyptian units commonly wear light or medium armour, giving them swiftness on the battlefield – in difficult Terrain, they can manoeuvre better than their enemies.

Many of them are also resistant to heat, allowing them to ignore penalties from Sweltering Weather.


Your Titles favour Chariots. They also provide defensive bonuses in battle and improve Province Management in campaign.


Your starting Equipment is a Bow and a Chariot. Keep your Bodyguard away from harm and run down exposed enemies.


You start in Upper Egypt and own two Sacred Egyptian Lands.

To gain more Legitimacy, expand either North or South and conquer Sacred Egyptian Lands. The desert regions to the West hold Bronze and Gold Mines, but they grant no Legitimacy.

Ancient Legacy

Choose the Ancient Legacy of Hatshepsut the Merchant. Use it to send Trade Expeditions, spend your Resources for powerful buffs to your Provinces and items for your Characters.