Total War: Pharaoh | Seti Faction Guide

by on October 11, 2023

Seti is one of the Egyptian Factions in Total War: Pharaoh, from Creative Assembly. Read on to discover everything you need to know to master this Faction in the game.

Total War: Pharaoh | Seti Faction Guide

Key Details

Name: Seti

Known As: The Brute: Son of Merneptah and heir to the throne of Egypt

Starting Situation: Easy

Court Position: None

As the direct appointed successor to his father, Pharaoh Merneptah, Seti has no patience for the instability that threatens the foundations of the Kingdom. He is so close to power that he can taste it, and his impatience is mirrored by his ferocity.

Local Deity: Set

Native Units

  • Lower Egyptian Militia (Bronze)
  • Lower Egyptian Spear Militia (Bronze)
  • Lower Egyptian Milita Slingers (Bronze)
  • Lower Egyptian Swordsmen Conscripts (Bronze)
  • Lower Egyptian Axe Conscripts (Bronze)
  • Lower Egyptian Archers (Bronze)
  • Lower Egyptian Veteran Spearmen (Silver)
  • Lower Egyptian Veteran Swordsmen (Silver)
  • Armoured Lower Egyptian Archers (Silver)
  • Lower Egyptian Light Chariots (Silver)
  • Lower Egyptian Chariots (Silver)

Faction Units

  • Levy Fighters (Bronze)
  • Levy Axemen (Bronze)
  • Levy Clubmen (Bronze)
  • Levy Swordsmen (Bronze)
  • Levy Javelinmen (Bronze)
  • Levy Bowmen (Bronze)
  • Veteran Levy Axemen (Silver)
  • Veteran Levy Javelinmen (Silver)
  • Veteran Levy Fighters (Silver)
  • Egyptian Melee Chariots (Silver)
  • Elite Clubmen (Gold)
  • Elite Axemen (Gold)

Unique Faction Buildings

  • Mustering Office
  • Recruitment Administration Centre
  • Seti’s Royal Palace
  • Tax Administration Palace

Strengths and Weaknesses of Seti in Total War: Pharaoh

Faction Buildings

  • Source of swift Recruitment
  • Higher Resource production
  • Reduced Happiness, risk of rebellions

As Seti, all of your Unique Buildings grant simple buffs, but carry a downside as well. Plan to work around the downsides – or defeat your enemies fast enough so that they don’t matter.

Mustering Offices increase the number of Units you can recruit in a single turn. Use it to hire larger armies than your enemies.

Tax Administration Offices increase Resource production, but lowers Happiness. Use it to fund your large armies and defeat Rebellions if they occur.

Seti’s Office of Relations increases Resource production, but lowers Happiness. Use it to fund your large armies and defeat Rebellions if they occur.

Faction Units

  • Aggressive in melee
  • Great at flanking
  • Weak at defending

Your Units are good at offence, prefer melee and are best at charging into the enemy. They have larger Unit Sizes than other factions and many of them carry two-handed weapons.

The Levy Units in your lands are cheap, but effective. Use them to charge directly into enemy lines and win battles by relying on superior numbers.

You start with Royal Khopesh Guards (granted by Merneptah to his chosen successor). Protect them and they will win you many battles!


  • Recruit Units incredibly fast
  • Gain better rewards from battles

You can command your Generals to recruit over twice as fast in a single turn, but Units will start out with lower HP. Keep them in a city to replenish their health before you march them to war.

If you wait until Shemsu Hor, all of your armies will receive better rewards from battle until the next Shemsu Hor.


  • Can use Requests at 0 Regard
  • Suggested position: High Priest of Amun

You can use Requests at 0 Regard with other positions. This means that your faction has access to all Requests from the start. Use any of them immediately to gain an advantage over your enemies.

Regard can drop below 0 for you – using Assist afterwards will be costlier.

If you amass the required Gold, Assist will provide enough Regard for two Requests instead of one.

Key Concepts of this Faction


You start with a single Outpost: a Shrine of Set in Ur-Gem.

The Shrine of Set reduces the Upkeep of all Units in its Region. Praying at it improves your General’s Bodyguard Unit for a few turns.

Worship Set

You can construct Shrines for all Egyptian gods more easily.

Shrines of Set reduce army Upkeep and increase Workforce for their respective Province. Place them where you want to recruit, so that your army is cheap while it builds up.

Set’s Prayer strengthens your General’s Bodyguard Unit. Set’s Devoted General has an even stronger Bodyguard Unit.

Native Units

You start in Lower Egypt, and can make use of its Native Unit roster.

Abundant Food allows for more Militia Units to be recruited, which are cheap and have more soldiers per Unit. Use them to hold the line while you flank the enemy.

The Native Melee Infantry is low on quality, but at higher levels you have access to Chariots. Use them to mow down the ones that have no shields.

Terrain & Weather

In Egypt and the surrounding deserts, Sandstorms and Sweltering heat occur often. Egyptian units commonly wear light or medium armour, giving them swiftness on the battlefield – in difficult Terrain, they can manoeuvre better than their enemies.

Many of them are also resistant to heat, allowing them to ignore penalties from Sweltering Weather.


Your Titles favour lower-tier Units and General Bodyguards in battle. They also support aggression on the campaign map, preventing enemy retreat and enabling attacks from March Stance.


Your starting Equipment is a Khopesh and a Medium Armour. Take your Bodyguard Unit into melee and witness the power of a true-blooded Egyptian.


You start in Lower Egypt and you own a few Sacred Egyptian Lands. You are Merneptah’s chosen heir and you will have a chance to become Pharaoh after his death.

To gain more Legitimacy, expand South into Upper Egypt. The Waset Province has great Landmark Monuments from Egyptian history – take control of them to strengthen your claim.

Ancient Legacy

Choose the Ancient Legacy of Akhenaten the Heretic.

Use it to shape the religion to your liking, pick the best divine boosts to suit your vision of Aten and revive the forbidden capital of Akhenaten.