GRID Legends: Deluxe Edition coming to MacOS next month

by on November 23, 2023

Feral Interactive has today announced that GRID Legends: Deluxe Edition will be coming to macOS on December 12. It’ll be available exclusively from the Mac App Store and will cost £34.99 upon release, allowing those with a Mac a chance to play one of 2022’s best racers.

GRID Legends: Deluxe Edition includes all of the DLC released, and the strong career mode, race creator, unique live-action stories, and 10 different racing disciplines across 24 amazing locations. Codemasters excelled when it released, bringing heart-pounding action with an entry level for all kinds of players, whether familiar with the intricacies of racing or not.

We reviewed GRID Legends back when it came out in February last year and said, “Regardless of the race, GRID Legends feels amazing to play. From the start of the race to the end, the thrills never end. It welcomes newcomers with its arcade style of race, and has plenty of variables in the settings for those harcore racers. Driven to Glory is a great addition if a little obvious. The Career Mode offers plenty of progression and opportunities to earn coins to buy new cars. The Race Creator has some legs, but it might not appeal to those who enjoy adding bends, ramps, and straights in specific positions instead of pre-selected tracks. It’s a beautiful and stylish racer than many will spend tons of hours taking in the sights and having a great time behind the wheel of loads of vehicles.”

To celebrate the announcement of GRID Legends: Deluxe Edition arriving on macOS, a new trailer has been released which you can watch below: