Lost Ark Soul Harvest November update hits today

by on November 15, 2023

Amazon Games has announced that the November update for Lost Ark called Soul Harvest, will be released today. The update will add new events, skins, a brand new Souleater Advanced class, and quality of life updates, too.

To prepare for this, there will be downtime for Lost Ark starting at 1am PDT (9am UK), and last for four hours, meaning if you’re reading this and it’s before lunchtime in the UK, servers aren’t going to be back up yet.

There’s a lengthy, thirty-minute video explaining a lot of what’s coming via the Soul Harvest update, below, but we’ve also dropped some of the information taken from the official blog, so you can read if you prefer to digest your info that way.


The biggest part of the update is the Souleater advanced class, which Amazon Games says is “accompanied by progression events to help players quickly level up”. There’s an event that’ll get you from 1490 to 1610 which include:

  • A Gear Honing Support Effect applied when honing Brelshaza Ancient Gear from 1540 to 1580 that decreases the amount of Gold and materials needed to hone along with increased honing rates.
  • 2x Artisan’s Energy when honing Brelshaza Ancient Gear from 1540 to 1580.
  • Caches of rewards every 10 Item Levels from 1540 to 1580, with a particularly valuable reward at 1580.

Also as part of the November update, Amazon is reconnecting “jump-start servers”, while adding a prologue quest for Voldis called “Madnick’s Call”. Login events and Hot Time events have been refreshed, and the Event Guardian Raid continues with this update, too.

Regarding new skins, Amazon says: “Show your dark side with the new Goth skins. Heavy sigh and roll your eyes sitting on your Rose Throne Mount accompanied by the Nocturnal Cat. Don’t forget the Lone Prairie wallpaper, so your scenery can be as empty as your soul”. Check out the skins in the video below.


There’s also Souleater exclusive skins, as well as “Korean fourth Anniversary Skins arrive, along with the Vykas Pet and Dragon Mount”.

In terms of quality of life, a lot of the changes are to speed things along and make them easier for players to do. There’s updates regarding guilds, skin crafting, potion item registration, music UI, lifeskill updates, and even some user interface stuff.

Lost Ark is available now for PC.