My Time at Sandrock | 9 Beginner’s tips to get you started

by on November 1, 2023

When you first arrive in Sandrock, there’s a lot of things that aren’t explained to you. It can be overwhelming when you don’t know how to do the simplest of tasks, and with that in mind, we’ve put together some beginner’s tips to help you out in My Time at Sandrock. Hopefully once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll have a ton of fun exploring the world, meeting new people, and crafting your own little pocket of perfection in the colourful world of Sandrock.

My Time at Sandrock Beginner’s Tips | Collect everything

The most important thing you can do when starting out in My Time at Sandrock is collect every resource you can find. Whether it’s fuel for your workshop machinery or craftable materials, it’s important to gather everything you find because there’s a use for it somewhere. Use your pickhammer to break down wooden scraps, chop down bushes and break rocks for the simpler resources because they’re all important.

Unlock more storage

There are a couple of ways to unlock more storage in the early stages. The first one is to craft mini storage boxes at your worktable. They only require 10 pieces of wood to do so, but they give you an extra 15 slots for items back at your workshop. The second way to increase your storage is by spending 10 gols to unlock a slot on your backpack. This is great for when you’re out exploring and you get that ‘inventory full’ pop up.

Spend time in the menus

We learned a lot by spending time looking through the menus and becoming familiar with every aspect of My Time at Sandrock. You can see details about your character’s experience and stats; the reputation of your workshop; where key locations are in Sandrock; current missions and their rewards; what machinery can be crafted in the handbook and the relevant materials required; relationships and important dates on the calendar; what skills can be unlocked; photos you’ve taken; a detailed encyclopaedia of the items, ecology, and geography you’ve found; and that all important tutorial that explains the basics to you.

Show descriptions

This goes hand-in-hand with checking the menus, but it’s something that will help you a lot. There’s a toggle that lets you see descriptions of every item in the game, along with where to find it and its cost. It’s also great if you don’t recognise something by its picture as it’ll tell you what as well as its quality.

My Time at Sandrock Beginner’s Tips | Make use of Eufala Salvage

Heading to Eufala Storage is one of the early missions in My Time at Sandrock, but returning there after will provide you with some of the rarer scrap needed to craft stuff via mechanical, copper, and rubber scrap. By building your storage and gathering scrap to dump in your recycler, you’ll start to gain a steady supply of resources that’ll help you greatly in the early stages.

Get yourself a horse

Getting around Sandrock can take some time, but thankfully you’ll end up getting the opportunity to rent a horse in the first few hours. You’ll receive a letter from Elsie asking you to visit her under the ‘Learning to Ride’ side mission. Go and see her, complete the quest, and you’ll then be able to use a horse to get around. Believe us, it’s so much better once you’re speeding from one place to another on the back of a mount.

Build two Recyclers and Furnaces

In order to break down scrap, you’ll need a recycler. By building a few in your workshop, the process of breaking down scrap will be a lot faster and therefore making other crafting much more efficient. Your furnace is useful for making bricks, glass, and other handy resources which will be needed to make various things from your handbook.

Stock up on fuel

In order to keep your machinery ticking, you’ll need fuel. Water is needed to keep your machinery active, and can be found in town at Water World as well as by breaking down flora and collecting dew to make it on your worktable. To operate the machinery, you’ll need a supply of dregs, wood, or power stones. It’s rather abundant if you know where to look (show descriptions!), or you could always go to the Eufala Salvage shop to buy some.

Check your post

Every morning when you wake up, it’s aways worth checking your mailbox as there might be an item in one of the letters. There’re also opportunities to build relationships, and new missions for you to get stuck into. Some letters might require a response so make sure you don’t forget to take a look once you wake up.