Zet Zillions, a card-based roguelike from Raw Fury, coming to PC in 2024

by on December 12, 2023

Publisher Raw Fury has announced a new card-based roguelike title that’s coming in 2024 to PC, Zet Zillions, from OTA IMON Studios, the developer behind Wolfstride.

OTA IMON says this one is “a single-player, story-based, roguelike deck-builder and space extravaganza where you use your cards to make entire planets go badda-BOOM!”. The trailer almost reminded us a bit of the Persona games, with the voiceover style coming at your right out of the game. It looks really pretty, too.

Check out the announcement trailer, and official information from the press release, below:


Set in the future of the Wolfstride universe, Zet Zillions throws you to the cosmos to navigate vast maps in search of a new home for humanity. But the galaxy is a dangerous place! You’ll need to combine and transform your cards to survive against space’s baddest enemies, conducting freakish experiments to unlock the full power of your deck. Zet Zillions features fast-paced and satisfying card battles, paired with an epic story with colourful art style, animations, and voice-over.

Here’s the list of key features:

  • EXPLORE! Discover randomly generated galaxies with vast maps and thrilling locations.
  • BATTLE! Build a synergized deck, buy equipment and upgrades, and fight COLOSSAL enemies as big as STARS in challenging card-based encounters.
  • SECRETS! Collect and combine cards to make your deck even more powerful. Experience an action-packed story complete with multiple endings and high-energy animations and voice-over.

The developer’s previous game, Wolfstride, is out now as well, and sits on a “very positive” rating on Steam, but it’s also available on Nintendo Switch, and if you’re a member of the Crunchyroll Game Vault, you can play it on iOS or Android platforms as well, which is cool.

Zet Zillions is coming to PC in 2024 via Steam, and there’s a chance to playtest the game for al limited time right now.