Kepler Interactive is having a Steam sale, includes pre-orders for upcoming games

by on January 25, 2024

Publisher Kepler Interactive has announced a hefty Steam sale, including money off pre-orders on games like Ultros, and Pacific Drive.

Starting with those games, Kepler Interactive says that you can pre-order the MetroidVania (and it looks a cool one) Ultros for 10% off right now, as well as the fascinating looking Pacific Drive, which is also 10% off. Both of these prices will be available until they launch (on February 13th and February 22nd respectively).

There’s a whole host of other titles that are already out that are discounted, as follows:

  • Apocalypse Party (Breaker Games): 13% off
  • Cat Quest (The Gentlebros): 70% off
  • Cat Quest II (The Gentlebros): 70% off
  • En Garde! (Fireplace Games): 50% off
  • Eternights (Studio Sai): 40% off
  • Scorn (Ebb Software) Standard Edition & Deluxe Edition: 65% off
  • Sifu (Sloclap): 50% off
  • The Red Lantern (Timberline Studio): 80% off


Kepler Interactive also mentioned that aside the two upcoming games we mentioned, the publisher has more to come including the “Gods-slaying action RPG” Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, and “Charming 2.5D open-world action RPG”, Cat Quest III.

We adored the last Cat Quest title, with Gary Bailey scoring it 9/10 and saying: “There is so much to love about Cat Quest II. From its simple and rewarding gameplay to its gorgeously animated visuals. Whether its the charming characters or witty humour, and all of those wonderful puns. It’s a game that feels immediately familiar, but it also feels fresh thanks to the addition of a second playable character and local co-op. Some may complain at how similar it is to the original game, but when you’re having so much fun that you find yourself grinning from ear to ear, who cares?”.

Check out the full publisher sale over on Steam. The only two games we can spot that aren’t on sale right now are Eternights, and Tchia,

Keep an eye for more news on both Ultros and Pacific Drive, as both are being released in February.