Lil Guardsman | Get all 4 Star Ratings on Level 1

by on January 23, 2024

As you work your way through your adventure in Lil Guardsman by Hilltop Studios, you’ll be trying to get 4 Star Ratings on each level, and this guide will help you to achieve that on Level 1. Getting a 4 Star Rating is not only an indication that you solved the puzzle of that particular inhabitant, but also if you manage to get a 4 Star Rating for every person on a level in Lil Guardsman, you get a reward of 30 gold and in most cases, an achievement.

Different characters you meet will require different actions to get the 4 Star rating, and some are not immediately obvious. Follow our guide below to see how to get a 4 Star Rating for each character in Level 1 in Lil Guardsman

Lil Guardsman | Get all 4 Star Ratings on Level 1

Requirements for 4 Star Ratings on Level 1

Tools Required: Truth Spray x1, Decode Ring x1, Bullwhip x1

Mrs. Abernathy

Tools Required: None

Items Required: None

Mrs. Abernathy serves as the tutorial, where you are introduced to the tools, the phone, the Royal Writ, your inventory, and crucially the Wicket3000 where you make your choice to Admit or Deny.

You don’t have much flexibility here. When you are offered a choice, to Admit or Deny on the Wicket3000, press Admit or you’ll get stuck in a loop if you pull the Deny lever, until you comply and Admit her anyway.

Tyronius Athanatos

Tools Required: Truth Spray

Items Required: None

First things first, you’ll want to use the phone to call Councilwoman Isadora Ashe, as instructed by the Royal Writ. She will ask you to Admit Tyronius. Before you do, use the Truth Spray on him to reveal additional information. You can now choose to either Admit or Deny him based on what you know. Either way you will get the 4 Star Rating.


Denise D’Cyclops

Tools Required: Decode Ring

Items Required: None

After introducing herself, Denise will show you an incomprehensible letter. Use your Decode Ring on the letter to reveal the words from Denise’s children to her complaining about how Kellii is treating them. Based on this information you can Admit Denise into the Sprawl.


Mr. Meanie & Whelp

Tools Required: Bullwhip

Items Required: None

These pair don’t look very trustworthy, so the first thing you’ll want to do is crack open the Bullwhip to shake ’em up a bit. Whelp will reveal he’s carrying Blood Gold, which raises alarm bells. When given the option, look to Confiscate the Gold Bars. Then, choose to Deny them entry into the Sprawl.


Garby Bunches

Tools Required: None

Items Required: None

The final potential entrant today is Garby Bunches, funny name eh? So funny in fact, you better comply with the Royal Writ and call Malcolm to let him know. He’ll be so pleased that you did. You’ll definitely want to Admit Garby as he’s a good egg, and will come in handy later in the game.


Congratulations, you’ve earned a 4 Star Rating for every character in Level 1 of Lil Guardsman.