Lil Guardsman | Get all 4 Star Ratings on Level 2

by on January 23, 2024

As you work your way through your adventure in Lil Guardsman by Hilltop Studios, you’ll be trying to get 4 Star Ratings on each level, and this guide will help you to achieve that on Level 2. Getting a 4 Star Rating is not only an indication that you solved the puzzle of that particular inhabitant, but also if you manage to get a 4 Star Rating for every person on a level in Lil Guardsman, you get a reward of 30 gold and in most cases, an achievement.

Different characters you meet will require different actions to get the 4 Star rating, and some are not immediately obvious. Follow our guide below to see how to get a 4 Star Rating for each character in Level 2 in Lil Guardsman, and the 4-Star: Level 2 achievement.

Lil Guardsman | Get all 4 Star Ratings on Level 2

Requirements for 4 Star Ratings on Level 2

Tools Required: Metal Detector x1, Bullwhip x1, X-Ray x1

Sheamus MacGoblin

Tools Required: Metal Detector

Items Required: None

Seamus is the painter for the cells, so as per the Royal Writ, call Malcolm to let him know of his arrival. Then you can use the Metal Detector on Sheamus to highlight his paint cans. Choose a particular colour and Confiscate it.

You can then safely Admit Sheamus in for a 4 Star Rating.


Petrard Envoy

Tools Required: None

Items Required: None

First things first, you’ll want to use the phone to call Councilwoman Isadora Ashe. She will note the Petrard Envoy needs to be admitted but mentions he must not bring his Bugle into town. When you get the opportunity Confiscate the Bugle. Then you can safely Admit the Petrard Envoy.


Signor Capello Fantastico

Tools Required: None

Items Required: None

Ah Signor Capello Fantastico, what a lovely fellow. And he represents one of the first times in Lil Guardsman where you can forego the use of a tool, and simply rely on your interrogation skills to get you through.

For this 4 Star Rating, simply Interrogate Signor Capello Fantastico three times, and on the third time, he will admit his plan of trying to search for the perfect hat. With such a harmless quest, you can Admit him with no problems.


Marvagh Envoy

Tools Required: None

Items Required: None

Another example, like Signor Capello Fantastico, where you can rely on interrogation.

Interrogate with the Marvagh Envoy three times. After the first time, you will get a lovely head in a bag, and if you be polite to her each time you interrogate her, you can even learn some Marvagh of your own by the time the conversation ends. Admit the envoy once your third interrogation is over.


Sir Beverly

Tools Required: Bullwhip

Items Required: None

Just one look at Sir Beverly, and things look suspicious. But you can have those uncertainties confirmed with a quick use of the Bullwhip to reveal that horse, is really the pantomime kind, with two people in it.

After a few brief interactions between the three people, this action results in an automatic Deny for Sir Beverly, which is what you want for your 4 Star Rating


Chloe the Singing Psychopath

Tools Required: X-Ray

Items Required: None

Like something out of a Disney nightmare, Chloe the Singing Psychopath is very accurately named. Something is definitely up, as Lil spots right away. The proof comes courtesy of the use of the X-Ray which will reveal a Blowtorch that Chloe so affectionately refers to as Fosse.

Be sure to Confiscate Fosse the Blowtorch to avoid any further damage. And as you may expect, you’ll be wanting to Deny Chloe entry to the Sprawl.


Congratulations, you’ve earned a 4 Star Rating for every character in Level 2 of Lil Guardsman, and earned the 4-Star: Level 2 achievement.