Lil Guardsman | Get all 4 Star Ratings on Level 6

by on January 23, 2024

As you work your way through your adventure in Lil Guardsman by Hilltop Studios, you’ll be trying to get 4 Star Ratings on each level, and this guide will help you to achieve that on Level 6. Getting a 4 Star Rating is not only an indication that you solved the puzzle of that particular inhabitant, but also if you manage to get a 4 Star Rating for every person on a level in Lil Guardsman, you get a reward of 30 gold and in most cases, an achievement.

Different characters you meet will require different actions to get the 4 Star rating, and some are not immediately obvious. Follow our guide below to see how to get a 4 Star Rating for each character in Level 6 in Lil Guardsman, and the 4-Star: Level 6 achievement.

Lil Guardsman | Get all 4 Star Ratings on Level 6

Requirements for 4 Star Ratings on Level 6

Tools Required: Decoder Ring x1


Edward The Official Officiant

Tools Required: None

Items Required: None

Edward is back, but looking less magical than before. It turns out he’s found a new career as a wedding officiant, and he’s here to officiant the wedding of Desdemona and her partner.

It certainly sounds dubious, so you’d better ring Ashe to check if things are legit. It turns out – coincidentally – that in all the wedding planning they forgot to hire an officiant, and so Lil needs to find one ASAP. What a stroke of luck. This will Auto-Admit Edward into the Sprawl just in time for the wedding.


Articulus Flamehands

Tools Required: Decoder Ring

Items Required: None

It’s everyone’s favorite gameshow mage – Articulus Flamehands. He clearly has some useful information, we just need to get it out of him. Interrogate him, and respond with Trust. Then Interrogate him again, and he will reveal a letter he has been intrusted to deliver to the high council of the mages guild.

Now use your Decoder Ring on the letter to decipher it. Articulus will read it and be astounded about the corruption that he was to be a part of. He leaves, but before he does, he warns Lil to be careful as she was mentioned in the letter! This leads to an Auto-Deny which will get you your 4 Star Rating.


Chuck (GLA Leader)

Tools Required: None

Items Required: None

Chuck is a goblin – and the GLA Leader no less – and the Royal Writ for this level is clear that if you admit any goblins you will be faced with a 40 gold fine. However, Chuck doesn’t seem suspicious at all.

Call Malcolm and he will decide you should let Chuck in. He even promises to cover your fine if you do. So go ahead and Admit Chuck, fee-free. Chuck will also grant you access to the GLA headquarters, which you can now visit after your shift.


Iris Lapidary

Tools Required: None

Items Required: None

This lady clearly wants to get in quickly to the Sprawl. The clue here is she mentions your dad by name, meaning she knows the city and isn’t a threat. The simplest way to get 4 Stars is just to Admit her straight away. You’ll then realise she is an ice sculptor arriving for the royal wedding, and her sculpture is melting fast, and so your efficiency has saved the day.

You can use up to one Action Point to find out more information and Admit her, and still get 4 Stars, but it isn’t necessary.


Congratulations, you’ve earned a 4 Star Rating for every character in Level 6 of Lil Guardsman, and earned the 4-Star: Level 6 achievement.