Lil Guardsman | Get all 4 Star Ratings on Level 5

by on January 23, 2024

As you work your way through your adventure in Lil Guardsman by Hilltop Studios, you’ll be trying to get 4 Star Ratings on each level, and this guide will help you to achieve that on Level 5. Getting a 4 Star Rating is not only an indication that you solved the puzzle of that particular inhabitant, but also if you manage to get a 4 Star Rating for every person on a level in Lil Guardsman, you get a reward of 30 gold and in most cases, an achievement.

Different characters you meet will require different actions to get the 4 Star rating, and some are not immediately obvious. Follow our guide below to see how to get a 4 Star Rating for each character in Level 5 in Lil Guardsman, and the 4-Star: Level 5 achievement.

Lil Guardsman | Get all 4 Star Ratings on Level 5

Requirements for 4 Star Ratings on Level 5

Tools Required: Metal Detector x1, Decoder Ring x1, X-Ray x1

Items Required: Rice, Bun

Count Heinrich Von Pyre

Tools Required: None

Items Required: Rice

This is the first entrant where you will be using an item – and one you could have missed at that. Make sure you got the Rice from Buttface in Chapter 4. If you did, use the Rice on the Count here, and he will proceed to, well, count it. This will lead to an automatic Deny which will get you your 4 Star Rating.



Tools Required: None

Items Required: None

This character seems in an awful rush, but unlike most characters, he wants to be put in Jail, rather than be admitted. A cursory glance back at The Sprawl Monster Manual, First Edition reveals some werewolves are aware they are turning and want to protect those they care about from what comes next. Do the right thing and Jail this man before he turns into a Werewolf.


Shapeshifter Abernathy

Tools Required: None

Items Required: Bun

It is strange that Mrs. Abernathy would be out this late. A look at The Sprawl Monster Manual, First Edition recalls Shapeshifters. And the advice for dealing with them, is to show them an item they should recognise, and that will reveal they are not who they say they are.

So go ahead and use the Bun Mrs. Abernathy gave you – it will be in your inventory – and this will reveal that this is a Shapeshifter. This will result in the desired Auto-Deny and a 4 Star Rating.


Tyronius Athanatos (Necromancer)

Tools Required: Metal Detector

Items Required: None

Tyronius Athanatos again, looking even more despicable in the nighttime. Use the Metal Detector on him to reveal his Family Heirloom. You can try to Confiscate it but Tyronius will use its mind-control abilities to keep it.

Clearly, Tyronius is up to no good, so we’d better Deny him for now.


Scary Tree Monster

Tools Required: Decoder Ring

Items Required: None

The Scary Tree Monster may look intimidating, but looks can be deceiving. Begin by using the Decoder Ring on him to decipher the strange markings on his bark.

And would you believe it, Scary Tree Monster is actually an aspiring politician, with an urge to do good for the people of the Sprawl! Knowing this, you best Admit him.


Hooded Figure

Tools Required: X-Ray

Items Required: None

This Hooded Figure looks suspicious, so we better run some checks. First off, use your X-Ray to reveal a hidden, very-expensive-looking necklace. When given the chance, Return it though as it isn’t dangerous or suspicious.

Lil will mention the emerald in the necklace looking real, and that she should call someone to ask for advice. So choose someone to call, we chose Ashe but the decision is yours. She recommends you admit the Hooded Figure. So go ahead and Admit her.


Congratulations, you’ve earned a 4 Star Rating for every character in Level 5 of Lil Guardsman, and earned the 4-Star: Level 5 achievement.