Lost Ark details second anniversary event

by on January 31, 2024

Amazon Games has revealed the details on the second anniversary event for Lost Ark, called “2 Extreme”, and coming on February 10th, adding lots of special events and a Valtan Extreme raid.

The developer says that “Each week of the festival there will be a new co-op quest for heroes of Arkesia to participate in, keeping things fun and fresh as they earn tokens to trade in for valuable rewards. In addition to the Arkesia Festival, players can take a trip down memory lane in the new Birthday Bash Event where they can earn rewards by re-experiencing some of the most iconic pieces of Lost Ark content”.


Regarding the Valtan Extreme raid, Amazon says that “Valtan will return in a new, challenging version of the raid. There are two versions of Valtan Extreme – Normal at Item Level 1580, and Hard at Item Level 1620”, adding, “With greater challenge comes greater rewards. There are first-time-clear rewards that will be given upon clearing 2 Gates, along with rewards as you reclear. Each roster can enter the raid once every 2 weeks, with gate progress bound to the character that cleared the first gate”.

This all comes off the back of the January update news, which added the Brelshaza Legion raid inferno difficulty, and a lot more. We really enjoyed the game when it launched, saying: “Lost Ark is a lot of fun, ultimately. Even played alone, it’s entertaining; but with other people it comes alive. Learning the correct rotation for your skill cooldowns takes time, while things like Stone Faceting and Weapon-Honing seem confusing at first but soon make sense. But like any game of its type, you need to approach it for what it is, not what you expect it to be. If you do that, there’s a massive, sprawling world of adventure to be found. But seriously, bring a wallet the size of a small cottage for all the damn currencies”.

Lost Ark is out now for PC via Steam.