PUBG Mobile v3 “Shadow Force” released, adds new game modes

by on January 8, 2024

The latest update to PUBG Mobile (version 3.0) called Shadow Force has been released, adding new gameplay elements.

Shadow Force takes place across the Erangel, Livik, and Sandhok maps, and offers “a tense and stealthy experience with new mechanics and items, such as the Shadow Blade, Skytether Hook, Proxy Scout and more”, explains Krafton. The developer is also already leaning towards Valentine’s Day in February, adding that “for the more romantic PUBG MOBILE players, they can look forward to several new Valentine’s day features including themed locations for the perfect photo opportunities, and the return of the beloved two-seater bike”

Krafton explains that “Shadow Force introduces a powerful new melee weapon, the Shadow Blade. Players can harness its sword aura to hit additional nearby enemies with its slashes, use the Draw Slash skill to quickly move towards or away from combat and utilise its passive Assault Blade skill to momentarily block all incoming projectiles from the front. For longer distances, the new Skytether Hook will allow players to propel themselves through the air and quickly close the gap on unsuspecting enemies, or escape from tight situations in a flash. For players with a more tactical approach, the new Proxy Scout is an item that sends out a controllable dummy scout that players can use to disrupt enemies and gather information safely”.


The Version 3.0 Update also brings a variety of improvements to the World of Wonder creative mode, including new customisation options, templates, interactive objects, and more. New gameplay devices have also been added, including a Virtual Projection Device that projects holograms of characters and a Humanoid Enemy Spawn Device for setting up humanoid PvE enemies.

Additionally, Arctic Base, the long awaited new Metro Royale map set around a snowy military fortress, is coming to the game on January 11th, featuring new challenging Tank and Commander enemies, a stealthy high-pressure air rifle, area destruction, zip line mechanics, and so much more!

The new Royale Pass Ace will be available from January 14th to March 16th. Players can complete RP missions to increase their rank, and receive rewards such as new custom colour outfits, an upgradeable melee weapon, the new scooter finish, and more. The new Season will also run in this period bringing new legendary items including the C6S16 Glasses, C6S16 Set, C6S16 Mask, C5S14 Cover and C6S16 – M24.

Metro Royale is also getting a snowy military base map, and Krafton says “more exciting IP collaborations are en route”,

PUBG Mobile is available now.