Clem Full Walkthrough | Chapter 1 – Beauty

by on February 6, 2024

Beauty is the first chapter of our walkthrough of Clem, a game by Mango Protocol. We’ll guide you through every step of your journey, and even note where you can get achievements along the way too. So read on for our full walkthrough of Clem Chapter 1 – Beauty.

Clem Walkthrough: Chapter 1 – Beauty

You begin your adventure in Clem in a basement, simply with the instruction “Wake up… and bring me Beauty”. A confusing initial request certainly. As you stumble to your feet, approach and take the Book in front of you. It will automatically open on the Attributes page. Among those listed you will find Beauty. Find it and click on it – it should be flashing. This will take you to a page all about the Butterly. So in reality, our task is to find a Butterfly to symbolize Beauty. Let’s get started.

Head up the stairs, and into the Kitchen. You may as well pick up the Cruet from the table. We won’t need it yet, but items remain in your inventory if unused throughout chapters. Ignore the door at the back of the room for now, as it leads to a Pantry we cannot do anything in yet. Instead head right, into the Dining Room. Here Look at the Clock to jot a note in your notebook. Similarly, do the same with the painting of the Cat. Notice it has a key on its collar? That will be important soon.

Head to the right and take the Jar. If you head into your inventory (Triangle or Y button on a controller) you will be shown that you can separate certain items you pick up into smaller parts. Do this on the Jar to get the Nails as a separate item in your Inventory. Conveniently your Jar is now also empty. Look at the picture behind where you picked up the Jar to again add to your notebook.

Now head right into the Main Hall, and Look at the Book on the table near you to add a further note to your notebook. The only thing for us to do now is to head outside, using the door at the bottom of the screen by the piano. Once outside, you will see the Butterfly we need, but as you approach it, it will fly off. So we are going to need to trap it somehow. Head to your right and enter the Shed. Here you can take the Nail Gun from the wall. Go into your Inventory, and you will be told how to combine items. Combine the Nails and the Nail Gun to make it a fully functioning shooter.

Exit the Shed, and head to the left. As you pass the first set of shutters, be sure to Close them. As you approach the next set of shutters, the Butterfly will head inside. You should Close these shutters as well, but they will open again after a while. So Close them again and then use the Nail Gun on them to keep the Shutters nailed shut. Now head left into the Greenhouse. Keep heading left until you can take the Garden Trowel from the bucket. Now remember the fact the Cat had a key on its collar? Time to use that information. Head back out of the Greenhouse, and head right until you reach the cat grave in between the two shutters. Pick up the Key that you find.

Sadly there’s only one lock that this Key works on, and that is back in the Pantry. So retrace your steps, all the way back to the Kitchen, and then take the door at the top of the screen to the Pantry. The Key unlocks the drawer on the right, so use it to open it and pick up the HandlePiece of Metal, and a note. Annoyingly we’re retracing our steps again, all the way back to the Greenhouse this time. Head to the far left and look at the Statue. Here we have a puzzle, that we need the Piece of Metal for. Placing the Piece of Metal in will now need you to interact with the four pieces to complete the eye shape. But crucially, each metal piece can only hang off the pin of another, so you need to place them in the correct order.

Begin by selecting the top-right piece, and attaching it. Then rotate it so it matches the eye shape. Now pick the bottom-left piece – the one we found in the drawer – and attach it and rotate it to cover part of the lid and pupil of the eye. Next, pick up the top-left piece and attach it. Rotate it to complete the pupil and top side of the eye. Now pick up the final piece and attach and rotate it to complete the underside of the eye. Once completed, the Statue’s arm will lower and you can take the Glass. Combine the Glass with the Handle to get the Lens of Truth!

Note: Finding the Lens of Truth will get you the “In Plain Sight” achievement. Congratulations.

The Lens of Truth shows you hidden messages. Now we just need to go to places where we can use it. Head back to the Main Hall, and approach the Book on the table again. Now you will be given the option of using the Lens of Truth. Do so and hover it over the pages to uncover hidden eye images, and once you have found them all the pages will be revealed. The book pages reveal information about the  Pansy. Upon reading it, your Notebook is updated, review it and it says that Pansies attract Ledipopteras. For those not brushed up on their Latin, a cursory glance back at our Beauty page will reveal this refers to the Butterfly. So now we need to get some Pansies.

Return to the Greenhouse, and you should now be able to pick the Panises from the pot. Return back to house, and with the room with the Clock in it. Put the Pansies in the Vase on the table, and the Butterfly should be drawn to it. Head on over there and use the Jar on the Butterfly to capture it safely. Now head right out into the Main Hall. Now head up the stairs and to the right. Here is a small corridor, and on the far right is the room of the girl asking for Beauty. Hand her the Butterfly for a cutscene and to complete this Chapter.

Note: Handing over the Butterfly will get you the “Beauty” achievement. Congratulations.