Clem walkthrough | Every step to completing the game

by on February 6, 2024

A narrative-driven puzzle game from Mango Protocol, a Clem walkthrough is going to be of incredible use to you. So lucky for you, we’ve played through the game and seen all it has to offer, meaning we can help. With elements of Escape Rooms, exploration, puzzles, and mystery, we’re sure you’re going to need a few pointers here and there, and as part of the series from developer Mango Protocol, it’s a pretty fun game.

“You awaken in a cold, dimly lit room, your senses slowly adjusting to the surroundings that, oddly, feel familiar. A strange sensation lingers in you, reminding you that something is not quite right. As you find your bearings, your attention is drawn to a peculiar item on the ground. A notebook labeled “CLeM” lies before you. As you delve into its pages, covered with intricate sketches of insects accompanied by vague symbols, you find a note containing a cryptic message: “Bring me BEAUTY.” Lost in deciphering the contents, a voice interrupts your focus.”

That’s how Clem starts, and the developer also says it has elements that make it a Puzzlevania, so with that in mind, our Clem walkthrough is here to get you out of any moments where you find yourself stuck, lost, or just scratching your head at one of the puzzles. Let’s begin.

Clem Full Walkthrough | Chapter 1 – Beauty

Clem Walkthrough Beauty

Chapter 2 – Determination

Clem Walkthrough Determination

Chapter 3 – Intelligence

Clem Walkthrough Intelligence

Clem Full Walkthrough | Chapter 4 – Strength

Clem Walkthrough Strength

Chapter 5 – Hope

Clem Walkthrough Hope

And that’s it. With our Clem walkthrough you should be able to complete the game with ease. If you’ve stumbled across this page by accident, and are wondering whether the game is worth your time, you can read our review of it, in which Lyle says it “is a charming and compelling adventure game that’ll delight those who are pining for the good old days of the genre. Most of the puzzles it contains are masterfully designed, and the story it tells as you explore was unexpectedly engaging. It might be a little slow moving for some, but if you’re able to get past that this magical adventure will surely put a spell on you”.