Clem Full Walkthrough | Chapter 2 – Determination

by on February 6, 2024

Determination is the second chapter of our walkthrough of Clem, a game by Mango Protocol. We’ll guide you through every step of your journey, and even note where you can get achievements along the way too. So read on for our full walkthrough of Clem Chapter 2 – Determination.

Clem Walkthrough: Chapter 2 – Determination

You’ll find yourself now back in the basement with a new instruction “Bring me Determination”. At this point, it should become clear that Clem operates on a loop basis, where each time you hand in your creature, you head back to the basement for a new assignment. You do keep any remaining items, notes, and progress from previous chapters that are relevant. This time, let’s use our book to discover that Determination equates to a Snail. As before, head up the stairs, and let’s get going.

Head right out of the kitchen, and you’ll notice the wooden planks are no longer barring the door at the top of the screen. You can head into the bathroom now, but you can’t do much here, thanks to a jet of water blocking your way. Your first port of call should be the shed. Once inside, you should be able to pick up the Screwdriver that is on the floor. We will use this later.

The only other new room available to you is back in the Main Hall. Here there is a door ajar on the left, on the ground floor. Enter this to find the Study. Annoyingly, the door locks behind you, but we’ll deal with that later. Firstly, head upwards to look of at the picture of the Statue. Use the Lens of Truth to change the picture and add more info to your notebook.

Head over to the left side of the main desk, to see an open drawer. Take the Runic Key from inside.

Note: Finding the Runic Key will get you the “Free Entry” achievement. Congratulations.

Like the Lens of Truth, the Runic Key is a key item on your adventure, and serves as a lockpick for all those doors and drawers that you haven’t been able to get into until now. We just need to figure out how to leave this room.

But before that, there’s more to do in the Study. Investigate the photo on the desk to add more to your notebook. Head to the right-hand side of the desk and interact with the locked drawer, and you will be presented with your first lockpicking minigame with the Runic Key. These operate in a similar way to the lockpicking games in Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, in that you have to line up the part of the lock, by raising or lowering the four parts of the Runic Key. All of these early locks can be done with trial and error, as you can insert a guess, and then amend it. However if you want to know the solution, do the following, from left to right:

Up 7, Up 1, Up 1, Up 4

Note: Unlocking a lock first try will get you the “Sharp-Eared” achievement. Congratulations.

Once unlocked, grab the pieces of paper. These will add notes to your notebook, but are key to getting out of the room and clues to another puzzle in the Study. The first clue to draw your attention to is the two page letter from Kat. Here she reminisces about a trip around the world she took. Head on over to the far-left corner, and inspect the bottles. You’ll notice you can swap bottles around to put them in a different order. Refer back to Kat’s letter and she will say in it:

Distill our memories and you’ll find the key that will take us to our new sanctuary.

So you need to order the drinks, in order of preference, and luckily Kat in her letter notes how they liked each of the drinks on the display. So from the letter you can work out the order. If you’re struggling, the order from left to right is:

Angel Island, Burning Marble Valley, Labyrinth Seas, Mystic Cave, Misty Mountain

When the drinks are in that order, you should exit, and the globe in the bottom left corner will pop open, and you can grab the Orb. Now we just need to exit the Study. Here refer to the other note you found, where Clem mentions she needs to use the green books on the shelf to mark out the sign for Temperance. A quick look in the page we inspect at the start of every chapter reveals Temperance is a cross-like shape. Head over to the bookshelf and interact with the green books that will form this shape. So:

Top Row: Middle book

Second Row: Far left book, far right book

Third Row: None

Fourth Row: Middle book

This will display the Temperance in a purple haze and unlock the door. Note that we will be coming back here at a later time to reuse this bookshelf.

Head out into the Main Hall, and then to the locked door on the right hand side of the room. Use your Runic Key, and do the following to unlock the door, from left to right:

Up 1, Down 4, Up 7, Down 9

And the door will unlock. Head inside to find the Utility Room, and pick up the Can from the floor. Now head outside to the Shed, which had a locked drawer. Use the Runic Key on it, with the following solution:

Up 9, Up 8, Down 5, Down 7


This will unlock the drawer and inside you can grab the Handle. Now, remember the Bathroom? We need to head back there now. Once there, head to the back wall, and use the Handle and this will stop the water flowing, giving you access to the First Aid Kit on the wall. Go and inspect it to find the Adhesive Tape. Now head back to the Pantry, as there is another drawer that we can unlock with the Runic Key, this time the solution from left to right is:

Up 6, Down 9, Down 6, Up 3

Note: The final part of this lock is an orange segment which will slowly reset that part of the Runic Key, so when you enter the key, you will need to quickly confirm the solution so it doesn’t have time to push back.

Grab the Strainer from the now open drawer. Now head out to the Greenhouse. Head over to the left, and use the Orb on the Statue to make it move aside, revealing a new area behind it. This is where our Snail is hiding. But a bird is patrolling that we need to deal with. You can see a pipe with a handle you can turn to change the water from Off, Light, and Heavy.

The clue to this is back on the Snail page in the book, where I states:

…although what snails like most is to soak up the sun after a gentle rainfall.

So we need gentle rainfall, and we need to get rid of the pesky bird that is frightening the Snail. The way to solve this conundrum is first to turn the tap off. Then place the Strainer on the pipe where the water would emerge. Then add the Adhesive Tape to lock it in place. Then interact with the water tap to turn it lightly on. The Strainer will cause a gentle rainshower to fall on the stones. Now turn the tap up to full water to shoot the Strainer from the pipe and blast the bird into oblivion (I’m sure they’re ok).

Now the Snail will make an appearance as you have set up the perfect conditions for it.Use the Can to capture it safely. Now return it to the same room you took the Butterfly to, to complete this chapter.

Note: Handing over the Snail will get you the “Determination” achievement. Congratulations.