Clem Full Walkthrough | Chapter 4 – Strength

by on February 6, 2024

Strength is the fourth chapter of our walkthrough of Clem, a game by Mango Protocol. We’ll guide you through every step of your journey, and even note where you can get achievements along the way too. So read on for our full walkthrough of Clem Chapter 4 – Strength.

Clem Walkthrough: Chapter 4 – Strength

You know the drill by now, this time we get instructed to  “Bring me Strength”. Again, refer to our book to discover that Strength equates to a Beetle. Let’s begin by maximising our new Teleport Charm by teleporting straightaway to the Main Hall. Head up the stairs to the left, to find a new door accessible, that was previously boarded off.

When you access the Landing, first examine the picture on the wall. Use the Lens of Truth to discover some notes for your notebook. These provide some important clues to a puzzle we will solve later. Then, move to the left, and pick up the Dreamcatcher from the middle door. Head through that door, to find Clem’s bedroom. Head over to the table to pick up some notes to add to your notebook. Do the same with the purple flyer.

Note: Picking up the flyer will get you the “Awesome” achievement. Congratulations.

Head around to the back of the table to pick up the Pencil from the table. You can separate the Pencil to get the Gemstone and Pencil. Walk over to the blackboard and inspect it. Then use the Lens of Truth to fill in the blanks, for some clues for a Marvin? You will recognise the Doll we have already picked up from the basement in Chapter 3, but the rest we still need to do. Activate the teleport rune to the left of the room before you leave.

Exit and then on the Landing, head to the room on the left. This is Clem’s parent’s bedroom. Head up to the chest of drawers and pick up the Bottle from the top. Now use your Runic Key to unlock the chest of drawers, using the following combination:

Down 6, Up 4, Down 2, Up 5

This will open the drawer, and you can pick up the Clock Hand. You can also pick up the picture from the bed to add it to your notebook. Now teleport to the Main Hall, and head back into the Dining Room, with the clock. Head on over to it and use the Clock Hand on it. This will reveal a panel in the clock with three strange circular pictures on them. Remember that set of clues wer found from the Landing picture? We need to use them now. You will find in the notebook a large set of circular symbols, each denoting a number. Each of the symbols on the clock is an amalgamation of multiple symbols in the book. You then add up the numbers from the book to give you a number that can be converted to a time. You then need to turn the handles on the clock to represent that time to solve the puzzle.

For example you will see the first symbol is a mixture of the “9” symbol, the “30” symbol, and the “400” symbol. All added together that makes “439”, which translates to:


Put the clock hands to this time to solve the first symbol.

The second symbol on the clock is an amalgamation of the symbols “1”, “20”, and  “700”, so that translates to:


Put the clock hands to this time to solve the second symbol.

The third symbol on the clock is an amalgamation of the symbols “6”, “50”, “100”, and  “1000”, so that translates to:


The clock will ring, and a Cog will fall onto the floor. Pick it up and combine it with the Doll. Head over to the picture on the right side, and inspect it. Use your Lens of Truth on it to fix it and reveal symbols for the keys, which will be added to your notebook. Now head back into the Main Hall. it is time to use the piano.

Looking back through the notes you got from the blackboard in Clem’s bedroom, you’ll notice that the third step for “Marvin” used the piano. But also note the Wisdom annotation next to it. Using our reference book, we can see the symbol for Wisdom looks like a little light bulb. Now refer to the notes from the blackboard and piano picture from the Dining Room to identify the keys of the piano that have that symbol on it. The amount of symbols on each key also denote the order in which to play them in. We now need to play those keys on the piano. If you’re struggling, the keys to play from left to right are:

Second white key, first black key, fifth black key.

This will open up the back of the piano. Investigate it to pick up the Spring. Combine the Spring and the Doll. Now to finish the “Marvin” ritual, we need to head back down to the Crypt. Once down there, head to font and put the Doll into it. This will reward you with Marvin the Marble.

Note: Finding Marvin the Marble will get you the “Bug Tea” achievement. Congratulations.

With this ability, you can now get into small spaces. Teleport to the starting Basement area, and head up the stairs, and into the Pantry. Walk over to the right wall, with the small hole and interact with it. You will turn into Marvin and head on through. In these Marvin sections, you have to roll through dark areas, and solve simple puzzles to reach the exit. In this one, you need to move planks of wood blocking your path by rolling into the nails attached to them to move them.

Once you’ve navigated your way through these puzzles, you’ll emerge in the pantry on a high shelf, and will knock a Box of Food on to the floor. You can then head back into the hole to immediately appear back on the ground, and return to your normal shape. Pick up the Box of Food, and separate it to get the Oats and Box.

Now head out to the Greenhouse. Feel free to activate the teleport rune on the floor by the statue. Then, when you’re ready, interact with the drainpipe in the middle of the Greenhouse, to transform into Marvin again. In this set of tunnels you’ll be pushing handles to move circular metal pieces around to progress. In the middle of the puzzle, you will grab the Bug Egg and then conveniently reappear back in the Greenhouse in your original form.

Now head to the right past the shed and past the open doors leading underground. Keep heading right until you see a tree with a gap in it you can transform into Marvin and explore. As you explore this maze, you’ll come across plenty of nuts you can roll into to move out of the way. First, you’ll need to move them out of your way, but later on, you’ll need to use the nuts you come across to push and hold open barriers blocking your way. Once you reach the end, you’ll emerge in the Treehouse.

Firstly, grab the Slingshot from the floor. You can also go ahead and combine Gemstone and Slingshot to place it in as some ammo. You can also activate the teleport rune on the floor. Now head to the left to exit the Treehouse onto an outside ledge. Look at the book here to pick up some handy notes for your notebook that we will be using in a moment. Now move to the left and use the Slingshot on the beehive. Head back into the Treehouse, and into the hole, and you will appear back at the foot of the tree. Use the Bottle on the Honey to collect it.

Head back up to the Treehouse, and now we’ll be inspecting the incubator on the right side of the room. Use the Bug Egg to place that in the centre. Then use the Oats and Bottle of Honey to create a gooey food to the left. Now lets consult our notes on bug rearing.

Egg: Needs high temperature, takes a long time to hatch, can be found in woods or gardens.

Larva: Grows at medium temperature, eats oats with honey, careful with parasite (kill them with heat)

Pupa: Can be cold or hot (vary temperature until it becomes an adult)

Adult: Remove quickly from the hatchery

So here are your instructions to follow. Firstly we need to make sure the Egg turns to Larva. So we need to turn the temperature up high on the dial to the right, and then press the fast-forward button. After a time, the Larva will appear. At this point, turn the temperature down to medium. The Larva will get fatter as it eats the food, but will get attacked by small parasites. Every time this happens, stop fast-forwarding and turn the heat up, until they die, then put it back to medium. Repeat this until the Pupa appears.

For the Pupa, you need to alternate between hot and cold temperatures. If the Pupa begins to sweat, turn the temperature down. If it gets ice on it, turn the temperature up. Keep repeating this until the Beetle appears. When you get the option, use the Box on the Beetle. Now as before, take the Beetle to the normal room to complete the Chapter.

Note: Handing over the Beetle will get you the “Strength” achievement. Congratulations.