Clem Full Walkthrough | Chapter 5 – Hope

by on February 6, 2024

Hope is the fifth and final chapter of our walkthrough of Clem, a game by Mango Protocol. We’ll guide you through every step of your journey, and even note where you can get achievements along the way too. So read on for our full walkthrough of Clem Chapter 5 – Hope.

Clem Walkthrough: Chapter 5 – Hope

As before, we’re given a direction “Bring me hope”, which from our book this time around is a Firefly. Head up the stairs of the basement, and into the Main Hall, and you’ll see another figure similar to you entering the right door on the upper floor. If you try and follow him, you’ll find it locked. Instead head downstairs, and into the Utility Room, where you’ll find a small grate cover has come away, and you can transform into Marvin to get inside. For this maze, you’ll be navigating one-way metal doors, to get to the exit at the top. There’s only one correct solution, involving going all the way to the right, up, and then left to reach the exit.

Once you reach the exit, you’ll find yourself in the corridor leading to the room where you hand in your insects at the end of each Chapter. There is now a ladder leading upwards that wasn’t here before. Climb up it to get to the Attic area. First off, activate the teleport rune on the floor. The head left towards the black case. Interact with it to unlock it with your Runic Key. Watch out though as each of these parts of the lock is orange, so they will slowly push back at your Runic Key. The code is below:

Up 1, Down 3, Down 4, Up 4

Once you have successfully opened it, you will get the Hat of Memories.

Note: Finding Hat of Memories will get you the “Black And White” achievement. Congratulations.

The Hat of Memories is a quirky object. You wear it and it turns the world grey. In certain locations the white outline of an object will appear, if you use that item there, it will reveal a memory to you. Using it in the Attic will reveal the Pencil but unfortunately, you’ll notice it includes the Gemstone on the end, which we don’t have as we used it with the Slingshot in Chapter 4. Luckily it is close by. Head through the door to the right, and you’ll be in the Attic Bedroom. You’ll see the final resting place of the Gemstone you fired from the sling – breaking the Attic Bedroom window. Go ahead and pick up the Gemstone and combine it with the Pencil.

Now what will happen is your first Memory Puzzle. Moving the control stick in one of the four cardinal directions will make a different icon appear. You need to match it to the icon on the screen as the purple wisp passes through it. You will need to get 5 right in a row to make the memory appear, and if you make a mistake you will start over. Once complete, you will see a memory of Clem and her mother making notes about Fireflies. This will make a Firefly appear, but we can’t catch it yet.

Teleport to Clem’s Bedroom, and then exit to the Landing, the take the left door to the Parents’ Bedroom. You will see that the rug has been unearthed to reveal a safe. The keypad to the safe has strange markings on it, but the way to think about it, is that each symbol is just the numbers 1-9 on a standard keypad, arranged like this:

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9

Then what you’ll find is there will be a code on the left hand side made up of three symbols and you need to put in the fourth symbol. And if you think of these as numbers, this becomes very simple. The first code can be translated as:

3, 4, 5, … and the answer is 6 (add 1 each time)

The second code is:

7, 5, 3, … and the answer is 1 (minus 2 each time)

The third and final code is:

1, 2, 4, … and the answer is 8 (double each time)

After you put in the final correct symbol, the safe will open and you can take the Jewellery Box. Now teleport to the Main Hall, and then head outside. Make your way to the Shed, and then use the Hat of Memories. You will reveal the outline of a Screwdriver. Luckily we picked one up all the way back in Chapter 2 and have been holding onto it for just this very moment. Use it on the outline to reveal your next memory puzzle. It works the same as before, and this time you also need to get 5 correct in a row. Doing so will reveal a memory of a doll similar to yourself using the screwdriver to break open the drawer. This is why we saw it busted open earlier in the game, and the Screwdriver on the floor to pick up in the first place. Head on over to the drawer, to grab the Battery.

Now teleport to the Greenhouse, and head beyond the statue, to the area where we found the Snail. Use the Hat of Memories again to see the outline of a Shoe. Luckily we picked up the Shoe from the Crypt back in Chapter 3. So go ahead and use the Shoe on the outline for your next memory puzzle. Again match five symbols in a row to unlock the memory. This one will be of Clem’s mum and dad enjoying their time in their Sanctuary. The end of the memory will reveal Clem’s mum’s walking Stick. Let’s pick it up.

Now let’s head to the Study – you can quickly teleport to the Main Hall, and then head left for speed – and put on the Hat of Memories again. Here you will reveal a triangular shape on the floor, not dissimilar to the Dreamcatcher we found early in Chapter 4 on the Landing. Head over and use the Dreamcatcher for another memory puzzle. After 5 successful symbols, you’ll be treated to a memory of Clem studying in the Study – fairly sensible! She was using a floating Bulb to read her book. This will appear after the memory is over, so go ahead an pick it up.

We now have everything we need to get ahold of the Firefly, so make your way back to Attic, courtesy of the Teleport Charm.

Note: By the point you should have used all the teleportation circles, which gets you the “Next Stop” achievement. Congratulations.

Now go ahead and interact with the switchboard that Clem and her mother were using in the memory. Use the BatteryJewellery Box, and Bulb on the switchboard. You can find that you can flip the switches, of which there are 2 rows of 8, up or down. Up turns the light on for a moment, down, turns it off. Turn a few switches on to experiment, and then head back into the room. You’ll see the switchboard light up according to your switches. And what you’ll also notice is that the Firefly is blinking on and off too. The idea is to match the switchboard light to the Firefly to tame it. It can be quite tricky to get the timing right, so if you are struggling the solution is below:

1st Row: Up, Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up

2nd Row: Down, Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up

When you back out the Bulb light will be in sync with the Firefly, and then it will fly down and be captured into the Jewellery Box. Pick up the Jewellery Box. Head down the ladder, and then right to the door to hand in your Firefly.

Note: Handing over the Firefly will get you the “Wisdom” achievement. Congratulations.

But we’re not quite done, as there’s now a short ending part of the game to finish off. Clem has left you alone in her Workshop. Put on the Hat of Memories one last time, and you will see the outline of the walking Stick. Use it for the final memory puzzle. This requires you to get a whopping 10 symbols correct in a row, which can be a little tricky. However stick at it and you’ll get used to the order. Completing it reveals a moving memory of Clem’s mother.

After the memory she will drop a note, that you can pick up. Use the Lens of Truth on it to reveal the full letter and the moving message Clem’s mother has left for her. You then just need to press and hold the Forgive command to end the game. Well done.

Note: Ending the game will get you the “Forgiveness” achievement. Congratulations.