Islands of Insight launches today, offering over 10,000 puzzles to solve

by on February 13, 2024

Publisher Behaviour Interactive and developer Lunarch Studios has announced that puzzler Islands of Insight is out today, and will offer over 10,000 puzzles.

“We’re so thrilled for players to finally be able to experience all the beautiful areas and fascinating puzzles in Islands of Insight,” says Elyot Grant, CEO and Game Director at Lunarch Studios. “We wanted to create a different kind of puzzle-focused adventure with Islands of Insight—something new and surprising that any player can pick up and enjoy. We can’t wait to hear what players think”.

Check out a recent deep diver trailer for the game, below:


From the puzzle-masters at Lunarch Studios, in collaboration with Behaviour Interactive, comes Islands of Insight – a sublime shared-world puzzle game where you play as a Seeker on a peaceful journey of exploration and discovery. Enjoy countless hours of gameplay as you seek out and solve 10,000+ puzzles at your own pace across an awe-inspiring world of floating islands. Filled with secrets to uncover, and rewards to earn, players can explore this serene world alone, or with other players as they hone their puzzle-solving skills. Islands of Insight is available to now on Steam.

The standard edition of the game will cost $29.99, but there’s a deluxe edition that includes gifts “designed to celebrate the beauty of the islands” such as “the Sterling Cosmetic Set, which includes 2 sets of Costumes, Gloves, and Headpieces, as well as a pair of Wings and Trails”, along with “exclusive wallpapers for desktop and mobile are also included for those who wish to enjoy the beauty of the islands outside of the game”. That deluxe edition is $39.99. Both are on Steam now.

Read our review of Islands of Insight, in which Lyle Carr says: “Islands of Insight is a hugely ambitious open world puzzle game, packed full of different types of puzzle to solve. The world is a joy to explore, and gaining sparks and levelling up makes every minute you spend solving a tough perspective puzzle incredibly worthwhile. With over ten thousand puzzles to solve and the ability to do so with friends, Islands of Insight is a game I can’t imagine stopping playing any time soon.”.

Islands of Insight is out now for PC via Steam.