Deep Rock Galactic season 5 details revealed by Ghost Ship Games

by on March 1, 2024

Developer Ghost Ship Games has revealed some details for the upcoming season 5 of Deep Rock Galactic, ahead of its launch.

After the sixth anniversary livestream, we now know that there will be a new “completely free” performance pass, a new mission type, new weapon overclocks, and the opportunity to play previous seasons of Deep Rock Galactic.

Here’s some of the key points about season 5:

  • Themed as a prelude to Rogue Core, this new Season will bring a new search-based mission type, new enemies, another classic and totally free Deep Rock-style Performance Pass, as well as new overclocks for every primary weapon – with 12 in total.
  • The game will welcome game optimisation, advanced cosmetic filtering and some brand new dance moves for miners to get their groove on in style.
  • Deep Rock Galactic will also be introducing a mechanic to allow players to activate and play through previous seasons, bringing back Rival Incursion, Rival Escalation, Plaguefall and Critical Corruption for both greenbeards and seasoned miners…


On to the celebrations for the sixth anniversary, then:

  • Kicking off the celebrations, a dwarves can unlock a Double Performance Pass Bonus by collecting and depositing a Year Six Anniversary Trophy during a mission. And in the spirit of rock and stone, any member of the crew involved will be rewarded with the double experience.
  • Because it’s not a party without hats, miners can unlock the fashionable and festive Year Six balloon top hat through the Anniversary Bonus assignment. This is a limited time drop, so get it while you can!
  • Also available is a brand new MK6 Armor Set is available for free through completing the MK6 Armor Experimental Trials assignment, unlocking with permanent access suitable for all four classes of miners.
  • For miners who don’t unlock the Armor during the anniversary festivities but still want to elevate their wardrobe, the armour will be available as DLC from the release of Season 05.

Oh and also, there’s two weeks of free beer at the in-game bar. So that’s nice. The sixth anniversary party in-game content is available to play now, and will be in-game until Thursday, March 14th at midday UK time, 1pm CET.

Deep Rock Galactic is out now for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.