Islands of Insight discounted, demo available now

by on March 20, 2024

Just a month after release, Islands of Insight has been put on sale for both the base and deluxe editions of the game.

On top of that, a demo is out now, so you can even try the game before you buy. If you do go on to grab it, the base game is $17.99, while the deluxe is $19.99 via Steam for PC. If you do buy, make sure you check out our tips for getting started.

As well as this, the teams behind the game (Lunarch Studios, and Behaviour Interactive) has shared the team favourite puzzles, and given some insight into them.

The first one on the list is “Sightseer”, which the team describes thus: “Players must pick up a lens-shaped object scattered in the environment, each revealing a specific location on the map. To solve the sightseer puzzles, Seekers must travel to these locations and precisely align the lens with its surrounding environment, creating a seamless match with the background”.

Elyot Grant, Lunarch Studios says: ‘’This classic puzzle, found in various forms across numerous video games, was reimagined for Islands of Insight with a goal to enhance its depth, intrigue, and replayability. We intentionally designed parts of the environment, like the pearls revealing map segments, with swooping arcs and metallic shapes to enrich sightseer puzzles.


Our aim was to balance engaging, bite-sized challenges with more complex, logic-based puzzles, all designed to tap into different cognitive skills such as spatial awareness and geographical memory’’

In second place, is the Rolling Block puzzle (involves manoeuvring a block through a maze to reach a designated exit, requiring it to be rolled over adjacent squares into specific positions or orientation), with “Hidden Pentad” in third place.

Music Grid is the fourth spot, with Grant saying ‘’We designed the ‘Music Grid’ puzzle with a very low skill floor and an extremely high skill ceiling, to ensure it’s accessible yet challenging, appealing to a broad range of players from those new to music to seasoned musicians”.

We really enjoyed Islands of Insight, and Lyle scored it 9/10 in his review, saying: “Islands of Insight is a hugely ambitious open world puzzle game, packed full of different types of puzzle to solve. The world is a joy to explore, and gaining sparks and levelling up makes every minute you spend solving a tough perspective puzzle incredibly worthwhile. With over ten thousand puzzles to solve and the ability to do so with friends, Islands of Insight is a game I can’t imagine stopping playing any time soon.”.

Islands of Insight is out now on PC.