Teamfight Tactics gives a first look at Inkborn Fables update

by on March 5, 2024

Riot Games has released a first look at the Teamfight Tactics: Inkborn Fables update, set to launch on March 20th for PC and mobile, which will be free for all players.

Released during the Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble Championship Finals on March 3rd, we got to see new mechanics, augments, traits, and two brand new characters.

Check out the developer video below:


In Inkborn Fables, players will meet fantastic spirits and mythological champions in our new gameplay mechanic, Encounters. At random points in the game, players will stumble across these legendary figures. These figures will give players different bonuses or alter the game to provide some exciting surprises for players. There are more than 80 different Encounters available for players to experience that will keep gameplay fresh and interesting.

Among the 59 champions coming to Inkborn Fables, two new champions from the world of Runeterra will be making their gameplay debuts in Inkborn Fables. Alune, Aphelios’s twin sister, is a character who we’ve seen time and time again in League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra, but only as a part of Aphelios’s kit and lore. Inkborn Fables finally lets her step onto the battlefield as a champion in her own right. For the first time ever, Teamfight Tactics will be introducing a brand new character not just to a TFT set, but to the world of Runeterra. Kobuko, the Joyous Paw, is a never-before-seen Yordle martial artist who makes his debut appearance in Inkborn Fables. The set will feature 27 traits and more than 100 augments.

“With Inkborn Fables, we wanted to explore a different vibe in Teamfight Tactics, and how we could transition players from the party vibes of Remix Rumble into something more relaxed where they could hear ancient legends and tales. Inkborn Fables will take players on an adventure to a new mystical and natural world which is filled with beauty but the unexpected can still occur during their journey. Players will discover the set’s myths and legends across Inkborn Fables’ champions, traits, augments, encounters, and more”, said Lynda Tang, Set Lead Designer for Teamfight Tactics at Riot Games.

There will also be new Tacticians, including Hundun, as well as new skins for existing Little Legends like Spirit Blossom Kanmei Dowsie, Ink Squink, and Ink Sprit. On top of that you can expect three new Chibi Champions too: Chibi Morgana, Chibi Majestic Empress Morgana, and Chibi Spirit Blossom Ahri.

“The constant evolution of Teamfight Tactics to deliver diverse and immersive experiences for strategy players is one of the team’s greatest strengths. We’ll continue to deliver themes, content, and gameplay that keep the game fresh and exciting across the year while preserving the whimsy and charm that Teamfight Tactics players love,” said Peter Whalen, Game Director for Teamfight Tactics at Riot Games.

Teamfight Tactics is out now for PC and mobile.