The Thaumaturge | Tips to get started

by on March 4, 2024

The Thaumaturge is a lovely, adventure, but it can be a little tricky to master, and you may need some tips to help you get started. Having played the game through to the end here at God is a Geek, we’ve considered what we would have liked to know going into it fresh. So we’ve compiled some top tips to help you get started in The Thaumaturge.

The Thaumaturge | Tips to get started

Look out for the diamond icons

The Thaumaturge tips

Throughout your investigative adventure exploring Warsaw, you’ll come across lots of diamond-shaped white icons that you can interact with. Most of the time these will be items you can read for some experience. Other times they may be people you can interact with for some extra side story content. So make sure to interact with them to add to your experience.

Use your Perception to help with missions

Perception is something you should be using incredibly regularly in The Thaumaturge. Perception will show you the way to go to your next mission objective if it is known. So it will help you navigate around, especially if you are exploring a new area for the first time. Areas to investigate will also appear on your map when you are close to them so you know when you need to go and hunt for hidden items.

Pink lights indicate a Perception item

The Thaumaturge tips

Speaking of which, hunting for hidden items can be made easier once you notice the pink lights that float about nearby. As you get closer to an item they will converge on it and you can investigate it. So keep an eye out for these pink lights and you’ll spot more and more hidden items in the Thaumaturge.

Look for star markers and red question marks on the map

Make sure to open up your map from the menu screen often, especially if you are outside in a main area of Warsaw. Star icons on the map indicate a point of interest that will either begin a collectible hunt or finish one and give you a chunk of valuable experience. Similarly look out for big red question marks too as these indicate the start of big side missions that you can undertake, and they offer lots of additional content and are well worth your time.

Check your journal

Similarly, don’t neglect your journal either. It offers valuable information about what missions you have completed and characters and places you’ve either met or have come up in key discussions. It’s an area to remind yourself of the background lore of the game if you need reminding of previous events. It is also a handy place to list outstanding main and side missions so you can choose what to prioritise next.

Use your Thaumaturgy points

The Thaumaturge tips

You’ll level up quite frequently in the Thaumaturge and each time you do so, you’ll get a Thaumaturgy Point. Be sure to enter the Thaumaturgy screen in the menu to open up the upgrade tree and spend your points. It’s best to spread out your expertise across the four main paths so that you’re a well-rounded detective who can solve most puzzles and observations they find.

Flick between sub-objectives

Also, don’t forget that some of your objectives will have sub-objectives too. You can use Perception to help you on these too. However, to do so you will need to flick to that sun objective to get guidance on it. On a controller, use the right bumper to alternative between sun objectives and the main objective and then you can maximise the usefulness of your Perception.

Use your Flaw

It isn’t clear at the start of the game, but you’re supposed to lean into Wiktor’s Flaw of Pride. Often in conversations, you will have the option to give a Proud answer. If you do it will feed his Pride Flaw some more. Raising this will open up more dialogue options later in the game, and gives you more choice for how the game may end.