WWE 2K24 | How to win an Ambulance Match

by on March 5, 2024

One of the newest match types in WWE 2K24 is the Ambulance Match, and it can be tricky to defeat your opponent. Not only does it take time to wear down your opponent, there’s also opportunities to pull off some unnecessary yet exciting set pieces. There’re a lot of moving parts to finally shut the doors and lock them inside, so we’ve put together this guide to help you get that all important victory in the WWE 2K24 Ambulance Match.

WWE 2K24 Ambulance Match: Wear down your opponent

Before you even attempt to open the doors and Irish whip your opponent into the back of the ambulance, it’s important to spend time damaging them until they’ve started to turn orange. Ideally, you want them in the red for an almost guaranteed victory. Obviously, connecting with various strong grapple moves is going to help, but you can also climb on top of the ambulance and send your opposition plummeting to the floor below for some added damage.

WWE 2K24 Ambulance Match Guide 1

Open the doors and throw them inside

Once you feel like you’re ready to attempt a win, head towards the doors at the back of the ambulance and press L1/LB when prompted. With the doors swung open, the easiest way to get them inside is to Irish whip them by grappling with Circle/B, then pressing the right analogue stick in correct direction and pressing Circle/B again.

WWE 2K24 Ambulance Match Guide 2

Close the doors

Finally, with your opponent inside, press L1/LB when prompted near the right door to trigger a minigame similar to when pulling off a submission. The objective is to hammer whatever button is displayed. When you’ve done this with the right door, the same will need to be done with the left door. Once you’ve managed to beat these minigames, both doors will close and you’ll pick up the victory.