Zet Zillions release date confirmed, new demo soon

by on March 15, 2024

Publisher Raw Fury has announced the release date for Zet Zillions, but also that a new demo is coming soon, too, as part of this year’s Steam Deckbuilder Fest.

The game itself will hit PC via Steam on May 23rd, and the demo will be available from March 25th to April 1st. It’s an updated version that will feature “quality-of-life improvements, including fixes to some specific settings and cards, new backgrounds, controller support and more”.

Check out the new trailer, below:


Zet Zillions is a story-driven roguelike deckbuilder where you will navigate through vast space maps with Foam Gun and her planet-ship Baby Violence, in search of a new home for humanity. Create chaos with the unique fusion system, with more than 100 possible combinations to discover. Overpopulate planets (by throwing your own crew at them) and blow them into smithereens!

With easy onboarding and engaging mechanics, Zet Zillions wastes no time throwing you into action. Think ten steps ahead, strategize carefully but boldly, and find the best tactical approach to defeat COLOSSAL enemies.

The latest press release also includes the key features, as follows:

  • Explore the thrilling universe by traversing through fascinating galaxies, scavenging abandoned shuttles and discovering huddle portals
  • Meet tons of characters while embarking on exciting side quests and adventures
  • Build mega decks and strategies on-the-go, as well as collect cards and discover more than 100 possible combinations between them.
  • Experience fast-paced card battles with easy onboarding and engaging mechanics

Raw Fury have been busy it seems, as on top of this, the publisher also confirmed new content is in development for side-scrolling strategy title, Kingdom Two Crowns. The company says “more details to come in the following months”, but Raw Fury has been on fire lately with some seriously interesting games, like Cassette Beasts, and even a licensed Moomin game.

Zet Zillions is coming to PC on May 23rd, a new demo is hitting Steam on March 25th.