Monument Valley celebrates its 10-year anniversary

by on April 4, 2024

ustwo games has launched a year-long celebration of its iconic puzzler Monument Valley to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Released all the way back on April 3 2014, the mobile game hit iOS to a rapturous applause thanks to its smart puzzles and beautiful art style, as players travelled on a meditative journey through mysterious and serene worlds. It will find a new lease of life when it drops on Netflix this year.

“Monument Valley holds a special place in the hearts of not only everyone here at ustwo games, but more importantly among its global community of fans,” said Danny Gray, COO at ustwo games. “It was a landmark game for us, and it’s incredible to see how it has resonated with players around the world over the past decade. We can’t wait to share what we have in store for Monument Valley’s next chapter.”

Some of the things players can expect as part of the 10-year anniversary include featured discounts such as the bundle of both the original Monument Valley and its sequel on Steam; a celebration video featuring people like Guillermo del Toro and Ariana Grande; an upcoming special performance of the music from composer Todd Baker; various community events to give fans a chance to celebrate their love of Monument Valley; behind-the-scenes content featuring developer interviews and concept art reveals; wallpaper for fans to download; and an upcoming series of video interviews that will take a deep dive into the creative process.

“Monument Valley’s legacy is far-reaching,” said Jamie Wottton, Marketing Manager at ustwo games. “It helped pave the way for premium mobile games and helped set the tone for ustwo games continuing on our path of creating games with lasting change and impact in the world.”

You can watch the Monument Valley celebration video below: