New World “Springtime Bloom” event is now live

by on April 11, 2024

Amazon Games has announced that the “Springtide Bloom” event for New World is available now, and ends on April 23rd.

Returning from last year, the Springtide Bloom event has rewards specific to it. Amazon Games says you’ll need to be level 25 or higher to “embark upon the quest for enlightenment”, with Springtide Villages located in Monarch’s Bluff, Everfall, Brightwood, and Weavers Fen.

Here’s lots of information on the update, from the official blog:

When the seasons on Aeternum shift from bitter winter to the blossoming of spring, the celebration of Springtide Bloom takes place. During this time, the joyful Children of Bloom don their distinctive apparel and encourage all denizens of the enchanted island to search for special flowers.

The Children believe that these blossoms are a key to a deeper understanding of self and a greater awareness of the miraculous world and its mysteries. Aeternum contains many nightmares, the Children lament, but with the gift of True Sight granted by these flowers, other worlds can be glimpsed and possibly even interacted with if one’s mind and spirit are properly attuned.


Every Springtide, the Children select a representative they call The Bloom Herald to go amongst the citizens of Aeternum and encourage them to hunt for the elusive Wispybloom Flowers. The Herald claims that studying the properties of these mystical blossoms can reveal the mysteries of the island. The Wispyblooms are believed to originate in another realm and manifest during Springtide. They are infused with the magic of that other world, one associated with life and fertility.

The Bloom Herald delights in speaking enigmatically, and in giving veiled answers about the miracles the Children claim to see. Although the Herald seems genuinely interested in bringing about an age of peace and harmony, there’s something off-kilter about the Children, a secret they seem to be hiding that hints at something darker behind their euphoria.

It’s worth logging in regularly, though as per Amazon: “Every Settlement will feature an ornately decorated Springtide Centerpiece, surrounded by a pile of colourful gift baskets”. So basically you can go grab one of these each day, and there rewards like Diamond Gypsum (drop rate for that is 100% but you’ll need to be level 60), Wispy Spritz, Dyes, Drams, Wafers, and a whole lot more.

New World is out now for PC via Steam.