No Rest for the Wicked is out now via Steam early access

by on April 18, 2024

Moon Studios and Private Division has announced that its latest title, No Rest for the Wicked, is available now via PC early access on Steam.

Available at the introductory price of $35.99 (via Steam and the Private Division store) which lasts until May 2nd at 9am Pacific Time, No Rest for the Wicked is a bit of a departure for Moon Studios, previously known for the Ori series of Metroidvanias. Described as a “mature, precision Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG). The game features brutal combat, a richly detailed world, item crafting, and a customization system that enables your character to create unique equipment and housing with the help of your collection of artisans”.

Check out the launch trailer, below:


With No Rest for the Wicked’s precision-based battle system, Moon is redefining the art of combat. In No Rest for the Wicked, combat is animation-driven, direct, and tactile, empowering skilled players to execute visceral strikes and lethal manoeuvres. This innovative system promises players a deeply gratifying gameplay experience, distinguishing itself from conventional isometric ARPGs by emphasising skill and timing over simple ‘button-mashing’.

Moreover, combat serves as the catalyst for players to shape their unique class identities. Each weapon boasts its own distinctive move set and can be tailored further with runes, upgrades, and more. Players are not constrained by rigid class structures but are instead offered the freedom to define characters from a rich assortment of gear, enhancements, modifiers, and special abilities.

Thomas Mahler, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Moon Studios, said: “No Rest for the Wicked has been a wild ride for all of us at Moon Studios, and we’re stoked to finally share it with the world through our Early Access launch,” adding: “As hardcore Action RPG fans ourselves, this project is super-close to our hearts. We’re all about pushing the genre’s limits and giving players an unforgettable experience like no other. We’re not just making another Action RPG with No Rest for the Wicked. We’re aiming to redefine the genre and create something truly unique and unforgettable. We’re pushing the boundaries and challenging ourselves to deliver an experience like no other”.

“Over the past six years, we’ve poured our hearts and souls into creating a next level ARPG experience, one that we hope will push the genre forward,” said Gennadiy Korol, Co-Founder, Technology, and Production Director at Moon Studios. “The Early Access launch of No Rest for the Wicked is a monumental achievement for our team and it marks a new chapter in our company’s history on the road towards 1.0. We thrive on seeing everyone’s reactions and we are committed to this project for the long run. Our team will be meticulously studying and reviewing player feedback as we continue to expand, refine, and perfect the game.”

No Rest for the Wicked is out now in early access for PC via Steam.