SteamWorld Build DLC “Mechanized” coming this week

by on April 3, 2024

Developer The Station has announced with Thunderful Games that the next SteamWorld Build DLC, called Mechanized, is out this week.

The team says that the Mechanized DLC will allow players to “explore new mines, solve puzzles, construct new buildings, and encounter new exciting enemies alongside a new companion: The Mech”, adding that “Players will be able to work with their new companion to escape from the planet, as they are tailored to solve any puzzling problem players may encounter by moving, pulling and lifting, due to their brute, raw strength”.

Check out the new trailer for the DLC, below:


Here’s some of the new content and key features, from the latest press release:

  • Abomination – As a creature mashed together from different Vectron enemies, players must be wary of Abomination as they dig into the Cracking Depths. Abomination can appear from enemy pits several times, forcing players to react to defeat them, or be at risk of overwhelming their enemies.
  • The Mech Center – A new city building, The Mech Center, will be accessible to players, where they can upgrade it 2x to make the center more visually impressive. The Mech Center is where the player accesses unique Mech upgrades that will help them in exploration by cleaning and lifting, and also stronger, in order to face the increased dangers and threats.
  • Rebalanced Enemies – With the addition of the Abomination, the Mechanized DLC will put pressure on the player’s defenses, making the game more difficult. In addition to enemies spawning from Hives, they can randomly dig up on the second and third floor from a new element, Burrows. Burrows can be detected by Radars and alert Guards before they arrive, but The Mech can suppress burrows by sitting on them to stop the enemies from coming through.
  • Blocks and Puzzles – 8 new mine features, 10 new blocks with unique functions, 6 new “machine” objects and 2 non-block items will be accessible to players.

There are three ways to grab the new DLC when it hits on April 4th. First up you can buy it as a standalone piece of content, on PC (Steam), PlayStation, or Xbox. Then there’s the Deluxe Edition bundle, which includes the base game as well as the DLC. Lastly there’s the Gold Edition bundle, which is for Steam only, and includes the base game, DLC, soundtrack, and “Dig 1”.

SteamWorld Build is out now for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.